Kang Vs. Vampires! is a Solo Max-Level Newbie chapter 86! Release Date

Kang Vs. Vampires! is a Solo Max-Level Newbie chapter 86! Release Date ...

Kang Jinhyuk has been able to take Alice away from him. However, there is no way that Kang would allow anyone to steal his most valuable and loved possession from the lower floors. He is almost undefeatable at this point.

Kang is once again up against vampires. This will not be the first time that he is against them. However, these vampires are from the upper floors. Hence, Kang is still unsure of their abilities and strengths. So, here are all of the information for the next chapter.

Chapter 86 of Solo Max-Level Newbie: What Will Happen Next?

The other fight will take place outside the forest with demonic humans. Teresa will use her divine powers that will be greater than the demonic powers. Vampires will be able to perceive the golden light of divine power. However, Kang will use his skill to remove the snow that is surrounding them.

Kang returns to the Dangun Guild after a while. He will be surprised to see how many wounded people he will see. Although Kang's guild is there to assist the Dangun guild, they are still too weak to face the demonic creatures.

Recap of the Previous Chapter

Kang Jinhyuk faces the Decasus Vampires in Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 85 after an intense battle against the Ice Trolls. They reply that it was all a trap to lure the skilled person who stole Alice. They were suspicious of four persons, Teresa, the Unknown, Chun Yoosung, and Kang.

Kang is blindfolded by a vampire who also attacks him with blood horns. Despite Kang's efforts, the battle over the vampires continues. He later admits that he was the one who trapped the vampires.

Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 86: When Will It Be Released?

The next chapter will be available on Naver on February 9, 2023. English translations will also be available shortly after. Keep reading for more information.

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