Season 2 of Hero Return: Is It Still Worth It? Renewal, Release Date, and More

Season 2 of Hero Return: Is It Still Worth It? Renewal, Release Date, and More ...

The first season of Hero Return was released in October 2020, and the renewal has been in the air. Many readers are concerned about the anime's demise, but what happened to the animated version? Is the second season coming back anytime soon?

Hero Return, better known as Yingxiong Zai Lin, is one of the most well-known donghua series (Chinese manga) to have appeared in recent years. However, the focus now shifts to the second season.

Renewal Status for Hero Return Season 2

The makers haven't given any explanation as yet. Neither the studios, Green Monster Team, nor Big Firebird Culture have offered any further information about the show. Despite this, the show's director has been quiet on the matter. There's no need to fret because the makers are anticipating a bright future for the season.

Will There Be a Second Season?

The overall score and rating of the show are decent compared to other donghua stories that have been discussed in the past. This is also reflected on the official charts of the show, which is almost seven stars. On IMDb, the first season of Hero Return has been rated 7.1 out of 10. And on My Anime List, the show has been scored 6.93 out of 10.

The following paragraph answers your questions about Yingxiong Zai Lin's future.

What Happened In The Next Season?

The whole story of Hero Return revolves around Zero, the world's only real superhero. Despite his appearance, things would not be the same for many people. This is because many believe this is another threat to the world. The reason for his disappearance, and the dangers lingering over the world make up for most of the show.

The final episode of the first season was a cliffhanger. Even if the manga's overall direction is being criticized on the internet, there are still people who want to see the anime's narrative completed. So now, the search of Zero and the reason for his disappearance will be major plot points in the next season. Yingxiong Zai Lin Season 2 will also examine this hero's past and origin.

New characters will also be introduced to the table. Many people want to know more about Zero. Therefore, investigative resources will be included in the sequel.

Release Dates for Hero Return Season 2 Release Date for Hero Return Season 2

The anime will take some time to recover from all the coffee grounds mentioned above. The fans will have to wait for a year or more to get the series back on track. After that, the producers will have to restart the series in half a year.

If you want to see the next season of Hero Return, Bilibili, Weibo, and Tancent, keep an eye on List23 for more information.

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