Hulu Gives Us Our First Look At The RAPCAVIARDocuseries

Hulu Gives Us Our First Look At The RAPCAVIARDocuseries ...

RapCaviar Presents will be released on Hulu this spring, alongside City Girls, Jack Harlow, Polo G, Roddy Ricch, Pharrell Williams, and Tyler, the Creator.

Williams and Tyler discuss how Skateboard P's life-changing advice impacted the Odd Future alum's solo career in the series teaser above.

"We just formed a friendship," Williams says, adding that he would ask me advice on certain topics. Tyler is talking about where he is and whether or not he is feeling low. He wants that respect."

Tyler recalls hearing Pharrell say, "You just don't see it, n***a." Later, the "Happy" artist gave him the same advice that Jimmy Iovine gave him.

Iovine said, "Pharrell, do you like house music?" To which he replied, "Yeah, good genre. Good tempo." Iovine continued, "No, Pharrell. House music." Good music that might buy you a house."

Pharrell retaliates to Tyler and said, "Make something undisputed and equally infectious." Is it just because you want to be cool? Because that will burn out. When something becomes purpose-oriented, it can be equally as cool as the flashy s**t, but it'll be more meaningful."

Tyler said, "Oh my god, sorry. We'll do it again. Music first," then I just wanted to do something. I just wanted to do something, and the switch f**king happened.

RapCaviar Presents will be available on Hulu on March 30.

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