Lyfe Jennings was paid $120k in inJewelry in Oakland

Lyfe Jennings was paid $120k in inJewelry in Oakland ...

When Lyfe Jennings arrived in Oakland, Calif., he was given a warm welcome, claiming via social media that he was robbed of $120,000 in jewelry as well as other valuable items.

"$120,0000 gone!!!" Jennings, 44, captioned an Instagram video explaining the unfortunate situation.

Jennings shared an Instagram post just after the stage, revealing that he was there for "four sold-out shows."

"I went inside, saw some cats, blew up the thing, grabbed my little book bag, it's $120,000 worth of jewelry, my ID, passport, credit cards, and everything."

Jennings said that he expects things to go better before he apologizes.

He continued to state that the incident was "no big deal," while expressing that he would like his computer restored, even if the rest of his possessions are gone.

One fan wrote, "Glad you straight! That stuff can be replaced, but your life is significantly more valuable!" The father of seven was greeted with enthusiasm in his comment section.

Another supporter said, "Your voice is giving 26 years 17 days....glad you've grown past reacting to emotion and thought logically." It'll come back ten fold and some. Most importantly I'm glad you're okay!?"

If incidents like this continue, others said celebrities would be less likely to visit Oakland.

"Ain't nobody gonna want to go to Oakland or San Francisco to perform," said one observer, with another saying, "I don't even care to visit Cali at this point."

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