The Rookie's Meaning: What Does La Adelita Mean?

The Rookie's Meaning: What Does La Adelita Mean? ...

Tim Bradford and his Metro team are accompanied by Detective Angela Lopez in the fourteenth episode of ABC's police procedural show 'The Rookie.' Season 5 is all about mystery!

What Does La Adelita Mean?

The term "La Adelita" was originally used to refer to a particular woman who joined the Maderistas, the group that fought against the federal army from the start of the revolution under the leadership of Francisco I. Madero. The woman became a popular figure and the representative of the soldaderas, the women who participated in the revolution.

Angela Lopez is named the "rookie" because she is a fierce warrior in every sense of the word.

Lopez was raised in a household that included her numerous brothers. She always had to stand up for herself and her rights. If her household can be seen as a battlefield, she was more or less a soldier who tried to live her dreams and ambitions fearlessly. In addition, Lopez is one of the most dangerous and bravest LAPD detectives on the field.

After hearing about her bravery firsthand, Tim calls Lopez la Adelita. The detective fights her back. Despite the mafia boss's authority and power, Lopez eventually kills the mafia boss.

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