Is John Nolan's mother Evelyn dead? Did Frances Fisher leave the game?

Is John Nolan's mother Evelyn dead? Did Frances Fisher leave the game? ...

In the fourteenth episode of season 5, John Nolan deals with a few personal issues before and after joining the LAPD. Evelyn Nolan, John's mother, causes problems in his personal life as well as intrigues Wade Grey and his wife Luna Grey.

Is Evelyn still alive?

Evelyn resurfaces in Nolan's life in the third season of the show, infuriating his fiancé. She cashes in the ticket and sells the cases to Wade Grey's wife Luna, infuriating Nolan's superior.

Evelyn calls Nolan and asks him why she hasn't been invited to his and Bailey's wedding, only for him to think that his mother is involved in another scam, and decides not to give the money to him. The doctor then calls him again, telling him that Evelyn has died.

Evelyn must have been ill for a while, and that may be the reason why she pays Nolan for his services. Evelyn may have decided to ignore her apparent illness in order to avoid putting her son off from his wedding. Even when Nolan is preparing for her wedding, she may have desired to put an end to the same.

Frances Fisher, a rookie, has left the game?

Evelyn's death suggests that the actress's departure from 'The Rookie' is likely. The actress's likely departure isn't surprising since she hasn't appeared in the show since the fourth episode of the third season. There isn't much scope for the character in the first place since Evelyn's death.

Fisher's participation in 'The Rookie' may be a major plot point in future episodes of the fifth season. Nolan might show his love for his mother while Bailey may extend his support for her fiancé in the wake of the news about his mother. She is a part of several future productions including Benicio del Toro's 'Reptile,' 'The Potters,' 'The King Tide,' etc.

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