Where was Lifetimes shot? Who is the cast?

Where was Lifetimes shot? Who is the cast? ...

'A Date With Deception,' a part of Lifetime's 'Vicious Valentines' lineup, follows Diana, a falsely convicted woman who spends four years in jail for a medical fraud that she did not commit. Diana and Chandler need to track her ex-husband Elias down, and discover what happens to Elias' mistress Cindy, who disappeared unexpectedly.

Diana and Chandler's goal isn't just to prove the former's innocence and solve Cindy's disappearance, but also to try and stop Elias before further people get hurt from the start to the end. In the meantime, the use of different locations throughout the film leaves one question unanswered: where was the Lifetime film shot?

Locations for Deception Filming on a Date

'A Date With Deception' was shot in Arkansas, particularly in Little Rock, in July 2022, and finished within a month or so by early August of the same year. Due to the state's varied landscape, which includes mountainous areas, densely forested areas, and eastern lowlands, the film is well-suited for all kinds of productions, including 'A Date With Deception.'

Arkansas' Little Rock

The filming crew for 'A Date With Deception' reportedly set up camp in and around Little Rock, Arkansas's capital and most populous city. From what it appears, the crew traveled across the city and set up camp at various locations in order to record many of the key scenes against suitable backdrops. Moreover, it is unlikely that they even utilized the facilities of one of the film studios to tape a few scenes.

Little Rock is a cultural, transportation, economic, and government center on the Arkansas River's south bank. It is a popular destination for many tourists because it provides ample hiking, boating, and other outdoor recreation opportunities.

The Rock is a film city famous for filming. Some of them are: 'Shotgun Stories,' 'Close Calls,' and 'Danger in the Spolight.'

Cast of a Deception Date

Hannah Jane McMurray and Kia Dorsey discuss the roles of Diana and Chandler in the Lifetime film. She has starred in many films, including 'American Horror Story,' 'Halina,' and 'Prism.' On the other hand, Kia Dorsey has also starred in a number of television series, including 'Secrets in the Building,' and 'On Mother's Time.'

Rib Hillis (Elias), Alexandra Harris (Tiffany), Michaela Baumgardner (Jenny), Chris Connell (Antoine), and Dean Chandler Bowden (Danny) are among the talented actors who play important roles.

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