What Has Happened to Nadeem Shehzad and Muhammad Saud?

What Has Happened to Nadeem Shehzad and Muhammad Saud? ...

'All That Breathes' is an extraordinary documentary that delves deeply into the story of two brothers who run a hospital dedicated to rescuing injured birds of all kinds. After all, this Hindi-language Academy Award-winning original explores humankind's relationship to wildlife, environment, and environment.

Nadeem Shehzad and Mohammad Saud, who are they?

When Nadeem and Mohammad were just minor kids in the 1990s, they first encountered the dangers of even the smallest things in their hometown of Delhi, India. This was due to both the latter being unwilling to treat pure carnivore raptors based on religious restrictions, as well as the absence of actual bird hospitals.

Nadeem and Mohammad realized they had to intervene as they couldn't just hope for the best while leaving the maimed creatures on the roadside every time. The former bodybuilders discovered a method to treat them at their own home until they had to convert their roof into an enclosure.

"Over time, the number of birds increased to the point that we had to purchase a cage," Nadeem, the elder of the two, once said. "We released the birds on the rooftop during the day and put them in the cage after dark. Our neighbors appreciated our efforts and started donating to us."

The brothers established Wildlife Rescue as an NGO to assist them in their cause, allowing them to receive calls for assistance from locals, animal hospitals, and government agencies alike. According to their own estimates, they have since saved nearly 25,000 birds from over 100 species.

Nadeem and Muhammad did not only seek the advice of local veterinarians in the early days, but they also often travel to the United States to participate in wildlife rescue seminars, all of which came about because of their financial circumstances, which forced them to restart their family business.

Muhammad once admitted that wildlife rescue is a completely different topic from biology, and there is no formal course in India that specifically addresses it. The United States is a world class country, known for its admirable efforts in bird rescue. We receive assistance from experts at various wildlife centers across the country.

What Has Happened to Nadeem Shehzad and Muhammad Saud in the Modern World?

From what we can tell, Nadeem and Muhammad are still attempting to be rescuers, all the while being partners in their Challenger Industries appliance manufacturing business. While the former is co-founder and secretary at Wildlife Rescue, the latter, with his passion alongside previous volunteer work at other local shelters, is also co-founder and president.

The brothers' organization serves about a dozen birds each day in their free time. The primary reason for this is money, yet they are taking steps to ensure they may one day build a bird hospital, as demonstrated by the fact they now have a rented clinic.

Muhammad said the donations have largely benefited our cause. Nevertheless, it is difficult to manage all of the expenses from our earnings. We have registered an NGO, Raptor Rescue and Research Inc., to raise funds in the United States and help our cause in India... We operate on a limited budget. Many bird rescue calls from far corners of Delhi go unanswered...

Despite Muhammad's attempts, they may still "manage other daily troubles and challenges at our end..." Their social media platforms make it clear that the 40-something-year-olds are as close as ever and even have families of their own.

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