Did Savannah Welchs Dr. Danni leave the good doctor?

Did Savannah Welchs Dr. Danni leave the good doctor? ...

Danica "Danni" Powell, a senior doctor at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital, has been introduced in the sixth season of ABC's medical series 'The Good Doctor.' Her actions put her in jeopardy, leading Dr. Audrey Lim to make a huge and shocking decision about her future at the hospital.

What Happened to Dr. Danni?

Vince, Danni's former Navy compatriot, shows up at her house with a gunshot wound. Vince tells her that he will not go to the hospital again since he will report the same, ending his parole. He wants Vince to spend his time with his daughter and he doesn't want the wound to end the same sooner than planned. Danni seeks out Dr. Asher Wolke, only for them to meet once.

Lim is forced to punish Danni and Asher for doing the surgery illegally without reporting to the hospital. Dr. Marcus Andrews asks Lim whether Danni is even aware of her mistake during the probation period. Danni is governed by her principles and regulations, thus, Lim is forced to fire Danni.

The viewers must be wondering if Savannah Welch's character will remain a part of the show beyond its general setting. Here's what we can say about the same.

Savannah Welch, Who Leaves The Good Doctor?

Savannah Welch left 'The Good Doctor.' According to reports, the eleventh episode of the sixth season, titled 'The Good Boy,' is the last episode featuring Welch's Dr. Danica "Danni" Powell. Danni is reportedly introduced in the season as a pivotal part of Lim's paralysis narrative.

The relationship with Clay Porter is rekindled now that Lim walks again, paving the way for Welch's departure from the series. The authors might have left out too much scope for the character in the long run.

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