Maddie's What Was Her Death? How Did She Die in The Good Doctor?

Maddie's What Was Her Death? How Did She Die in The Good Doctor? ...

The Good Doctor is back with an eleventh episode. Lea Dilallo-Murphy asks whether they will be good parents once they adopt their child. The former wonders whether they will repeat the mistakes they made and harm their child. Dr. Aaron Glassman then discusses his late daughter Maddie. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Maddie's Death: What Happened?How Did She Dye?

Maddie was the daughter of Aaron Glassman and Ilana Reeves. During her childhood, she was adored by her father, who later started to run track together. He even began to miss her birthdays because he was away for school.

Maddie could not understand why Glassman prioritized Shaun's needs and desires more than his real child. The boy's autism diagnosis forced Glassman to pursue various strategies to avoid the same outcome. Eventually, he threw Maddie out of their house in the hope that she will never leave Jessica's house.

Maddie died the same night, most likely due to a drug overdose. Glassman blamed himself for his daughter's death as he began to think that he neglected her as a father. He later realized that he should have been there for her more, which would have prevented her from seeking comfort in drugs. Their relationship was harmed by the incident, which ultimately resulted in their divorce.

When Glassman discovers a brain tumor, he hallucinates his dead daughter, who confronts him about not caring for her. The doctor claims that she accepted Maddie's actions, believing that he could change his "princess," only to fail.

Shaun and Lea became Glassman's children after Maddie's death. He became a father figure in both of their lives and a key figure in all of the crucial conversations between the two, including their wedding. Glassman assures Lea that she will be a good mother, regardless of how difficult it is. In many ways, Shaun and Lea find the emotional support they did not receive from their respective fathers in Glassman.

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