Season 2 Episode 5 of the Vinland Saga: Recap and Explaining

Season 2 Episode 5 of the Vinland Saga: Recap and Explaining ...

The fourth episode of 'Vinland Saga' season 2 titled 'The Path of Blood,' the show focuses on the political conflicts in England following the murder of King Sweyn. However, Canute, the head of the Danish Vikings' English front, was ambitious and plotted to become the next King of England.

Recap of Season 2 Episode 5 of the Vinland Saga

Sweyn, the Danish King, has regained control of England and Wales through his brutal military maneuvers that lasted several years. But Askeladd cornered him in front of his own man one ordinary day. When Sweyn insults Askeladd's mother, things quickly turn ugly.

Askeladd tells Sweyn that he is Lucius Artoris Castus and that he should be executed for it. Following the incident, England is thrown into turmoil. Soon after, Ethelred II returns from exile in Normandy and becomes the new King of England.

Canute travels to Mercia after the war is over and discovers that his men have engaged in pillage and other terrible acts. All of these soldiers must be be executed, and their heads should be displayed on the streets, according to Gunnar, his advisor. Thorkell soon confronts Canute, who urges him to pave his path with blood and iron if he wants to become the new King of England.

Canute listens patiently to the man, and kind of agrees with him later that evening. Eadric asks Canute to take him out of Mercia and get his back. But Canute refuses and tells him to betray King Ethelred II so that he may become the new King of England.

Is Ethelred II still alive?What Illness Kills Ethelred and His Son Edmund?Does Canute become the King of England?

Canute tells his Jomsviking commander Floki that the man isn't spineless after all. That's when Floki, with a sinister smile on his face, suggests testing his resolve. Then, after Canute's order, the pyre is lit on fire, bringing Eadric's son to notice smoke coming out of different locations as far as their eyes can see.

Canute reveals that it represents what it means to fight Mercia. If Eadric wants to avoid all the trouble and wish to preserve Mercia's peace, he must kill Ethelred II, according to King Ethelred II.

In fact, he has successfully inflicted significant damage on Canute's army and ensures that his political opponents are always in the dark. In November 1016, King Ethelred II died as a result of a mysterious illness, which may be a good thing to have happened since Canute's political rivals died shortly after.

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