Why Does Alice Leave Simon at the End of Alice Darling?

Why Does Alice Leave Simon at the End of Alice Darling? ...

'Alice, Darling,' a 2022 psychological thriller drama directed by debutante filmmaker Mary Nighy and a script by Alanna Francis, tries to depict Alice (Anna Kendrick), who seems to carry a typical urban lifestyle. However, her boyfriend, Simon (Charlie Carrick), becomes increasingly clear to her. She also becomes suspicious when she goes on vacation with her two closest friends, Tess (Kaniehtiio Horn) and Sophie (Wunmi Mosaku

The Alice-Darling Plot Synopsis

Alice swims underwater, and she appears content. The story then returns to the present, and happiness is replaced by apprehension, doubt, and fear. Sophie is going to a rare event in the North to honor Tess' 30th birthday, and she promises not to leave unannounced.

Simon isn't physically abusive, but he controls almost every aspect of Alice's life, which has resulted in a co-dependent relationship between the two, with Alice always in charge. So, Alice learns to lie to Simon and tell him she must go on a work trip to Minneapolis. During the vacation, Alice's friends realize that Alice isn't well.

Andrea Evans is discovered at the cabin and, at one point, Alice joins the search party looking for the girl, which also relates to Alice's own problems with Simon and where she might go if she doesn't leave the relationship.

Does Alice Leave Simon at the End of Alice, Darling?

Early in the film, Simon's romantic relationship with Alice is tense for the latter, and she is gradually losing her self-worth. He uses Alice's unbalanced relationship to support his confidence, while also knowing that she is sensitive and manipulative.

Alice's main source of strength and support is Sophie and Tess. This is why disagreements between Tess and Alice during the vacation often escalate into Alice pointing out that Tess isn't as powerful and assertive as Simon. She isn't exempt from Alice's actions, which the latter commits unknowingly.

Sophie realizes that Simon has caused her to eat differently and sends it out to her friend. After receiving a phone call from Simon, Alice begins to spit the blueberries out before speaking to Simon. Eventually, she tells her friends the truth, breaking Simon's conditioning.

Alice recovers from Simon's constant calls, focusing on her vacation with her pals for the first time in a long time. The bond between the two changes as the relationship changes.

Sophie and Tess catch up with Alice and Simon, breaking Alice's hold on her. She then throws Alice's luggage out of her car, seemingly retaliating for her.

Alice climbs a longboard to the lake's edge and is at peace. She breaks out of the water and lets herself breathe. This action serves as a metaphor for Alice's separation from Simon.

Andrea Evans: What Was She Afraid Of?

The subplot involving Andrea makes the film more complex while underscoring several key themes. Alice learns about Andrea's disappearance from two police officers. She later chooses to join the search party rather than accompanying her friends.

Alice perceives Andrea's current circumstances in many ways. She believes that the young lady has been trapped somewhere just like her and can't be freed. However, Simon, once again, takes away that spark of hope when he shows Alice and her friends the newspaper where the girl's body is discovered.

Simon's statements reveal Andrea's fate, removing Alice's hope and efforts since she arrived at the cabin.

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