Episode 6 of Sugar Apple Fairy Tale has been released

Episode 6 of Sugar Apple Fairy Tale has been released ...

The Sugar Apple Fairy Tale TV anime has released a sneak peek at the sixth episode of the series, which will air on Friday, February 10. The film depicts Anne attempting to grab the attention of someone close to the royal family while she's struggling to sell her sugar confections.

Miyuki Ishida and Aoi Tanaka will direct the next episode, while Seishi Minakami will direct the screenplay, with Iku Suzuki coordinating the storyboard. Mitsuru Chiba, Masaki Tanigawa, and Haruko Iizuka are the main animation directors for the anime based on Miri Mikawa's light novel with the direction of Yohei Suzuki.

The anime is available for download on Crunchyroll and Muse Asia, with the latter describing the story as: A glistening fairy tale inspired by the sugar apples. This world where humans use fairies and where candy is believed to confer happiness. "Silver Sugar Master" is Anne's chosen name, since she is a natural born warrior, who goes on to pursue friendship.

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