The civil trial against DaBabys over the alleged 2020 assault has been postponed

The civil trial against DaBabys over the alleged 2020 assault has been postponed ...

DaBaby was given a little more time before he had to appear in court for his alleged 2020 assault. The 31-year-old's civil trial will begin sometime in October 2023.

The lawyers for the "Suge" rapper filed a motion last week to postpone his court case against Gary Pagar, who sued him in February 2021 after he was allegedly "sucker punched" for violating written policies associated with the Charlotte, N.C. property.

Pagar was angered by an unauthorized video shoot at his property that far exceeded the permitted number of residents.

The lawyers of the Baby On Baby artist said they must prioritize the criminal proceedings centered around the same incident. DaBaby was charged with felony assault in April 2022.

The 2019 XXL Freshman can't be asked to testify in this matter until after his criminal case has been resolved, which will not be until October 2023, at minimum, according to his attorneys. "If the trial date is not continued, [DaBaby] will not be able to respond to discovery or testify without providing information that might incriminate him in the parallel criminal case."

A Los Angeles judge granted the request, allowing DaBaby to concentrate on his criminal case against Pagar before proceeding with any civil cases. He was accused of beating and robbing a Miami concert promoter named Kenneth Carey. He also hid himself from an event he originally promised to host.

After a five-day trial in December 2022, the jury found in favor of DaBaby and his countersuit, which focused on the invasion of privacy and the unauthorized use of his name and likeness.

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