How to Get the Tarnation Pattern and God Roll Perks in Destiny 2

How to Get the Tarnation Pattern and God Roll Perks in Destiny 2 ...

How to Get the Tarnation Pattern and God Roll Perks in Destiny 2

grenade launchers in Destiny 2 have always been problematic. Heavy slot grenade launchers are rarely utilized, unlike special ammo launchers, but recent Lightfall improvements suggest they will be reinstated. This Tarnation grenade launch was rarely used in Witch Queen, but now players want it.

In Destiny 2, how do I get the Tarnation pattern?

To acquire a pattern in Destiny 2, most Craftable Weapons require Deepsight versions. Find a red-bordered Tarnation at the HELM. Tarnation, from the Witch Queen campaign, has no seasonal merchant.

To get red border Tarnations, complete as many public events and other activities in Savathun's Throne World as you like, and it may appear in the Daily Wellspring activity weapon rotation, making farming easier.

Unlike most other pattern weapons, the pattern requires only two red border Tarnations. Some weapons require five deepsight copies to unlock the pattern, making the grind much longer.

Tarnation from Destiny 2 is in.

In Destiny 2, you may customize the ultimate weapon by acquiring the Tarnation template. You may also substitute standard bonuses for enhanced ones, which provide the same benefits as conventional benefits, but with larger stat boosts.

For Tarnation rewards, Chain Reaction and Field Prep or Clown Cartridge are required. Chain Reaction allows foes to erupt with elemental damage, making this weapon extremely versatile.

Clown Cartridge is a unique feature that overloads the magazine by a random amount, therefore most players will stick with it. If you anticipate crouching, take Field Prep, which boosts weapon changing and reloading when crouching.

Proximity grenades detect adversaries farther away but narrow the blast radius, and Quick Launch speeds up handling and missile launch.

After crafting and enhancing it, Linear Fusion Rifles may be a popular pattern collection until Lightfall. This can be crossed off your pattern collection list before the expansion.

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