The 13th of April, Co-Op Tower Defence Voodolls will be unveiled

The 13th of April, Co-Op Tower Defence Voodolls will be unveiled ...

SideRift, a French independent game developer, has announced its new four-player online multiplayer and single-player tower defense game, called Voodolls, which will launch on Steam on 13 April.

Below is a sneak peek at Tate Multimedia's Voodolls: A Selected Artist

After the release of Voodolls, you may find the developer's roadmap.

  • Synergy between action, exploration and strategic Tower Defence mechanics, including an array of traps and defenses to hold back the hordes of hell.
  • Round planets – stylised and unique worlds each themed by the four seasons.
  • Team of four characters, each with unique abilities, weapons, and battle tactics.
  • Solo or online co-op up to four players – Defend the Puppet Master alongside three friends in full campaign co-op or tackle the task alone in solo play.
  • Story-based campaign – Peel back the layers of mystery to uncover the secrets of the puppet master & the dolls.
  • Three camera angles – Face your foes in immersive first-person mode or take a step back in third-person. Make tactical choices from above in the strategy camera mode. Three modes, and three different approaches in one game.
  • Extensive replayability.
  • Many types of enemies to take on.
  • Plenty of deadly traps to defend the Puppet master from the hordes of hell.

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