Astronimo allows you to create your own interstellar community

Astronimo allows you to create your own interstellar community ...

Thunderful and Coatsink have announced the launch of their next interstellar platforming adventure, Astronimo, in 2023. You may register for the technical beta now, which will run until 27 February 2023.

Astronimo is a cooperative construction platform puzzler that takes you out of this world and into a vast solar system, providing powerful creative options to push your limits as you recover together. Wave. Play Music. Be a dog in space.

Four Hypergiant Inc employees get lost on a small uncharted planet while mining for minerals in incredible quantities, then build a shuttle to send them back into space.

With its quirky, fun-filled campaign, Astronimo takes platforming and customization to the interstellar medium and beyond. Discover over 20 hours of content and discoveries throughout the entire galaxy.

On the Community Moon, you may go even further with customization that exceeds your imagination from the start, and Garage Mode makes crafting the impossible simple with the use of drag, drop, and distribute tools. Share your unique creations on Steam Workshop for the Astronimo community.

Jimmy Whitemore, Coatsink's Lead Programmer, said: "It's not like you're in charge of programming."

Check out the teaser below:

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