Byleth Could Be the Best (and Most Broken) Fire Emblem Engage Emblem Ring (and Destroy)

Byleth Could Be the Best (and Most Broken) Fire Emblem Engage Emblem Ring (and Destroy) ...

There are a number of Emblem Rings that are useful or helpful in Fire Emblem Engage. There is no right or wrong partnership, but you do want to keep certain individuals or groups rooted in one. But there's a thing, Byleth isn't the most broken Emblem Ring in Fire Emblem Engage.

In Fire Emblem Engage in Chapter 14, you get the Byleth Emblem Ring first, because that forces you to both learn how to play and not exploit his special ability. However, you also have to have an additional one that can be exceptionally useful.

Which is good, because Byleth's Engage Skill is fantastic for allies. It gives them a buff in two places, depending on their current class. For example, cavalry units and Qi Adepts get +10 luck. However, everyone gets a boost.

When you need to level up a character, Byleth has to earn 1.2 EXP. Lost & Found makes it easier to unlock Support conversations and stock up on items, because your luck stat determines whether or not you find something and get closer to an ally next to you. Especially because it relies on the character's Luck+ skills, which range from Luck +2 to Luck +12.

Regardless of all that, Byleth isn't the greatest Fire Emblem Engage Emblem Ring character. Rather, he's the greatest because of Goddess Dance.

When Byleth is engaged with a character in Fire Emblem Engage, Goddess Dance is the best. It's a "dance" skill that's applied to other classes as well. So, if Alear was next to a person who used it, then they'd get +3 to all stats for the turn.

Although Byleth is perhaps the finest Fire Emblem Engage Emblem Ring out there, it still requires skill. For example, I often made Ivy, Hortensia, and Rosado equip Byleth. It also meant they would be able to retaliate on the enemy turn if they didn't do that.

Byleth is a fantastic Fire Emblem Engage Emblem Ring, with Goddess Dance and Instruct abilities that help other characters excel. It also gives you more tactical options, which is always nice, as well as the buffs.

The Nintendo Switch has now got Fire Emblem Engage.

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