Genshin Impact's Warrior Spirit: How to Win All Fights

Genshin Impact's Warrior Spirit: How to Win All Fights ...

Warrior Spirit in Genshin Impact is a combat event that will take place in patch 3.4's second half, in which players will have to take part in daily challenges and fight tough opponents using only the main character, the Traveler. Keep an eye on your opponents' movements, and make quick lunges to get the job done.

In this article, we will discuss which skills to choose for the duel against each other, as well as how they are utilized in the duel.


The Warrior Spirit event will take place on February 9, 2023 of the year at 12:00 Moscow time (on the Europe server) and will conclude February 20th 2023 at 05:59 Moscow time.

Warrior Spirit: How to Get Started

The following requirements must be met to participate in the event's combat trials:

Complete the quest of the legendary players "The Mortal World. Chapter II" for a more interesting gaming experience, please use the option "Fast Start" in the event menu.

Warrior Spirit: A Guide to the Event

Players will have one new opponent to duel for six days from the beginning of the event. There are three difficulty levels for each stage of the test: normal, high, and expert. The latter is unlocked only when defeated in the hard mode.

In addition to normal sword strikes, all opponents use arcane art – A powerful combat technique that deals significant damage. Find out more about the characteristics of the character in the enemy selection menu.

The Traveler will not be able to use elemental abilities or elemental explosion during the duel. Instead, the player will have abilities Block and decisive receptionsuitable for different situations and having a certain rollback period.

Block or Parry is a defensive skill that when activated, the Traveler completely blocks the enemy's damage with his sword. This means that the player will be able to spend Perfect Block while simultaneously replenishing Fighting fervor.

The act of retaliation is a counterattack that eliminates the hero's explosion. It requires a certain amount of Fighting fervor, which accumulates during and after attacks.

The skill has two units of charge that may only be used after a rollback. Before each battle, the player must choose which Decisive Move is most suitable for the opponent of his choice.

The opponent's weapon will shine brightly before he or she performs a dangerous move. Press Perfect Block to avoid injury and to effectively counterattack the opponent.

The Warrior Spirit: A Walkthrough

On the morning of February 9th, we will update this section with brief explanations as we go through the event. Keep an eye on this page to avoid missing updates.

Award Presentation

Players will be eligible for the following rewards for completeing all stages of the Warrior Spirit event:

For completing Stage 6 of the Normal difficulty challenges, there is a reward of 1,500 Battle Pass points.

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