Blood Bowl 3: The Complete Guide to Nacon

Blood Bowl 3: The Complete Guide to Nacon ...

On February 23, 2023, publishing house Nacon and studio Cyanide Violent football simulator will be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. In the new trailer, we learn about the future game's main features.

Teams will have to negotiate sponsorship contracts with well-known athletes and fierce fighters in a simulation based on the well-known card rulebook.

There will be 12 factions in the game at the time of release, many of which, like the dwarves and blood elves, are well-known to fans of the series. There will also be additional factions, such as Imperial Nobility or Old World Alliance, Chaos Renegades, or Black Orcs. All of them are available in the story mode, and over the years, more will be added.

Players will compete in new exciting arenas that are packed with dangers. According to the scenario, hordes of insects, unbearable heat, deadly plants, and mythical creatures, including the Kraken, may befall the teams. Additionally, it is necessary to modify team maneuvers in order to avoid a mortal danger.

Blood Bowl 3's PC version will be available on Epic Games Store and Steam. The standard edition was estimated at 1100 rubles, and players who purchase the Brutal Edition for 1600 rubles will be able to play for 48 hours earlier.

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