On the occasion of the Steam Festival, System Shock Remake has released a new demo that renders the entire first level fully

On the occasion of the Steam Festival, System Shock Remake has released a new demo that renders the  ...

Sure, you remember the original System Shock, a true shooter classic that grew up in the competitive nineties. Its sequel, System Shock 2, is superior (for most fans), but beware. System Shock Remake.

Nightdive (Quake Remastered) has been working on a system shakeup for years. It will be released this year 2023 on PC, and later on PlayStation and Xbox.

System Shock Remake is a fresh take on the 1994 classic, with new visual effects, a modernized interface, and enhanced controls for today.


The long-awaited remake of System Shock was unveiled at the PC Gaming Show in a trailer.

SHODAN's original English voice is included, a comfort for those who have seen the game before. To download a free demo on Steam and the Epic Games Store, click here.

The Steam Festival has already begun. From now on February 13, you can enjoy the finest demos...and System Shock Remake has a lot to say about it.

A new demo of System Shock Remake is now available.

Without a doubt, System Shock Remake is one of the greatest steam festival surprises. The new demo is now available on the Valve platform, though in a limited form until February 13.

This demo is neither more nor less than the game's initial level. In other words, it's like starting the System Shock Remake adventure from scratch in a completely different way.

The starting level for System Shock Remake is a good overview of what we will see throughout the game. SHODAN will dispatch her dangerous minions against us, and we will have to worry about the puzzles and the exploration component.

In System Shock Remake, you will have to use your futuristic weapons, stealth, and cunning to beat each obstacle, as well as the brutal combats.

This new demo is exclusive to the Steam Festival and provides access to the game's first level as a whole. Please don't wait to try it out.

Nightdive wants to continue re-releasing great songs from the 1990s and 2000s. For example, they want to recreate Eternal Darkness, although they need the Nintendo's approval.

The Epic Games Store and Steam have now allowed pre-orders for System Shock Remake. The release date for the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One is expected to be sometime in March.

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