Joel's relationship with Tess, according to fans of the Last of Us, dissects gay hints

Joel's relationship with Tess, according to fans of the Last of Us, dissects gay hints ...

The relationship between Bill and Frank was shown in episode 3 of the popular adaptation, which has prompted fans to reintroduce the old debate about whether or not Joel is gay. We explore the possibilities while previewing episode 5.

Kathleen, Melanie Lynskey's antagonist, was brought to Kansas City while she was looking for Henry before Joel and Ellie stumbled into the Hunters' territory in Episode 4.

The Last of Us series, directed by Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann for HBO, follows smuggler Joel as he navigates her through a post-apocalyptic America rife with infected creatures.

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In the The Last of Us franchise, we're looking to see if Joel is gay or bisexual.

Fans have noticed a few clues that might hint at the protagonist's preference, although Joel has never been identified as gay or bisexual in the video game.

We know that Joel was married to Sarah's mother, but the pair splintered, and some fans wondered if this had anything to do with Joel's coming out.

Joel's relationship with Tess is an interesting one to navigate. There's a clear connection between them, but we never see anything romantic happen between them. The pair share a bed in HBO's adaptation, but that might just be the end of the world's struggle.

Bill's remark to Joel, asking "Trouble in paradise?" has been attributed by others as indicating that he was in a relationship with Tess.

Joel may have traded sexual favors for smugglers' cash, but this might also be attributed to a survival mindset rather than anything else.

Joel is probably the main reason for his lack of connection with anyone for now, both in terms of the game and the HBO series.

HBO has increased the variety of the video game.

Bill and Frank's ambiguous relationship from the video game was developed by HBO's adaptation, which blossomed into a passionate third episode.

In Naughty Dog's first game, Bill was implied to be gay; however, a romantic relationship with Frank was never shown.

Ellie, however, is known to be gay in the source material, first kissing Riley when she was younger, and later developing romantic involvement with Dina in The Last of Us Part II.

Fans who have learned about Joel's previous marriage and his connection to Tess alone will have to wait to see if HBO will continue to pursue his preferences in another direction.

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An episode 5 preview of The Last of Us

The Last of Us episode 5, which has yet to be released on HBO and HBO Max, will be released on Sunday, February 12, 2023.

In the United States, the episode will be released at Midnight PT, although those who are interested in watching the second episode in the United Kingdom may watch it at 2 am GMT on Monday, January 23, 2023.

During Kathleen's quest for Henry and Sam, riots will erupted across Kansas City, while Joel and Ellie will unite with them elsewhere.

The release information and guide for Each Episode of The Last of Us allows you to know when every episode will air, and when the titles will be released.

The Last of Us is now available on HBO and HBO Max.

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