The Woman King: 10 Films That Are Recommendations From The ReviewGeek

The Woman King: 10 Films That Are Recommendations From The ReviewGeek ...

Diverse films with strong female protagonists

The Oyo join forces with Mahi to kidnap and sell Dahomey villagers to slaves, enlist the assistance of the famous all-female squad - the Agojie.

General Nanisca's easy victory over the Mahis has everyone on board with their confidence that they will win the war. Only the general is a doubtful since their foes have been trained in Western warfare, from rifles to horses.

The Woman King is similar to any other historical action film, but its African setting makes it unique as viewers want to know more about the vast continent's cultures and customs.

If you liked The Woman King, we've found ten similar female-centric films to watch.

Wakanda for Ever: Black Panther

Shuri, the sister of T'Challa, studies a heart-shaped herb in hopes of reversing her loss. Despite Ramonda's request, she abandons her research and faces a new foe, Wakanda.


Elizabeth learns about Queen Elizabeth I of England's early days and her rule. After the short reign of Bloody Mary, a young Elizabeth is elected ruler of a country on the brink of civil conflict following years of imprisonment by her own sister.

Before she is voted down, she must establish herself as England's next queen. Her council tries to exert their will on her, from attempting to get her married for her own survival to attacking the French.

Mary Queen of Scots

Mary returns home after a tumultuous reign in France where she is forced to work as a laborer after her husband's death.

Scotland welcomes Mary back, while Queen Elizabeth of England, who is a Protestant, is concerned about her dominance over the surrounding country.

Other parts of John Knox, the leader of the Scottish Protestant Movement, have other diabolical intentions for Mary.

Razia Sultan

Razia Sultan is a fictitious portrayal of the Indian Empress, along with speculation that she was in love with Yakut, her former Abyssinian slave. If Razia Sultan does not show weakness, her opponents may take her down.

She proves everyone wrong by being a fair and generous ruler when she falls for a soldier who used to be a slave which is mocked, and she must choose between love and loss of her kingdom.

The Handmaiden

A con man disguises himself as a count and recruits Sook-hee to slay Hideko, a wealthy Japanese girl, and steals all of her wealth. She is also hoping to escape her uncle who exploits her for his knicks.

The Last Princess

After Japan occupies Korea, the last Joseon princess' life is followed by General Taek-soo, who is assigned to keep an eye on her.

Kim Jang-han, an officer and secret resistance fighter, decides to assist her. They must make their move before the General captures them.

The Banquet

Wu Luan, the love of his life, flees to the Emperor when he discovers that his father has been murdered by his uncle. Despite Wu Luan's efforts to avenge his father, Wan has her own plans for the next Emperor.

The Sorceress and Kirikou

Kirikou is a youngster who is kidnapped, abandoned, and the spring water that has dried up due to a wicked sorceress Karaba's curse. With the help of his mother, uncle, and grandfather, he discovers how to end the sorceress for the life.

Oharu's Life

Oharu, an old lady who spends her time in a temple, begins reminiscing about her youth and the ongoing changes in her status from a noblewoman to a homeless person all because of love. She goes from house to house first as a wife, then as a servant, and so forth, all while striving for peace.

Princess Mononoke is a Princess of Wales.

Prince Ashitaka, a dwarved boar god, is looking for a cure. While he's guided by a deer god, he encounters humans attacking animals and destroying the forests that have the animal gods extremely distressed. When Princess Mononoke and a wolf god decide to revenge, Ashitaka decides to act as a mediator in order to put an end to the bloodshed.

When you've finished watching The Woman King, here's a list of 10 film alternatives to watch.

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