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So Far, the Best BTS On-Stage Performances | TheReviewGeek Recommends ...

So Far, the Best On-Stage Performances

The boy band's final concert as seven members for a couple of years is now experiencing a lot of different emotions. Various movie theaters from around the world are hosting the biggest fandom in the world for a special concert movie experience.

The BTS boy band is well-known for their ability to perform on stage with charm.

This list includes the most famous stage/concert performances by BTS that have gone viral online for several reasons. The 'Run BTS' performance for every ARMY is undoubtedly the #1, hence its inclusion.

The following list is not in any particular order and is intended to be a brief look back in time to remember BTS' most "fiery" performances to date.

Jin's visuals help dancers to stay on track.

BTS' participation in the 2019 Mnet Music Awards is well-known for many reasons, including the fact that ARMYs really saw BTS' oldest born, Jin, also known as 'Worldwide Handsome'''s true power. This solo stage entry performance of Jin on 'Danger' is dubbed as the epitome of handsomeness.

Jin can still say a lot without even doing anything in this performance where he instructs the background dancers to move around with his charm alone. This performance sees Jin enter on a large horse representing Athena, a Greek goddess who symbolizes justice, wisdom, and military victory.

Suga is no longer rapping mid-performance.

BTS members have always been accused of lip-syncing their raps and lyrics, like any other musician has been? Suga, a rapper, and the other members of BTS were performing their hit song, 'Mic Drop' during the 2017 SBS Gayo Daejun.

As the backtrack played an empty beat, Suga decided to stop rapping, proving to everyone that BTS members were indeed singing and rapping as they performed. This is one of many instances where ARMYs saw Suga as the savage that he is to prove his point.

J-Hope, Dior

J-Hope has been dubbed one of the BTS style icons by many. One example of the BTS Speak Yourself World Tour from 2019 was when the boys all dressed in Dior.

J-Hope's Dior outfit was so well-known that stans hold a special place in their hearts for 'Dior Hobi,' as they watch compilations of the rapper performing in an all-black Dior outfit that looks like a military gear.

J-Hope was surprised when ARMYs congratulated him.

Veteran ARMYs can attest to the fact that J-Hope used to be quite self-assured when younger supporters rarely gave him any love back in the early days of BTS. A lot has changed over the years and J-Hope is still unaware how much the ARMYs appreciate him.

J-Hope performed his song, 'Just Dance,' on BTS' 2019 Speak Yourself World Tour, and the crowd began roaring in applause, screaming his name. This shocked J-Hope so much that he removed his earpiece to check if he was hearing himself correctly.

J-Hope's sheer surprise at hearing fans scream his name non-stop is a record-breaking moment in BTS' history. Another instance occurred in 2022 when J-Hope performed as a headliner at the Lollapalooza in the United States.

Performance at the Tokyo Dome

RM is well-known for his charming romantic and boyish side when he isn't rapping.

At the 2018 BTS Love Yourself concert at Tokyo Dome in Japan, RM performed his track 'Trivia: Love.' We see the entire stadium cheering over their sweetest and most romantic leader.

The appearance of Jimin's magical outfit has changed.

Jimin's magical outfit change from the 2020 Map of the Soul ON:E concert is for the record, but what shocked everybody was Jimin's quick outfit change.

On both days of the show, Jimin's 'Filter' performance enraged fans, and everyone kept reminiscing how the idol changed from wearing a shirt and pants to a red/purple outfit in a matter of seconds.

'It's my birthday,' V screams.

BTS' final member, V, receives a treat on the same day as their final performance at the 2016 KBS Song Festival.

RM addressed V's birthday by wishing the member of the boy group before the chorus of the song, making it seem like the whole music event was a celebration of V's special day.

Jungkook is seen erupting over spectators.

The BTS World Tour from 2019 was well-known in many ways, but the Wembley Stadium performances look to be different. Jungkook, BTS' maknae (youngest-born), performed his fan-loved solo track – 'Euphoria.'

Jungkook jumped over spectators and around the stadium as he sang about his joy in being around BTS members and the ARMY.

Performance of Black Swan Water

Although BTS' solo performances are admirable, the boy group is known for going together and giving outstanding group performances. One such fan-loved performance was when BTS performed a version of their hit song, 'Black Swan,' at the 2020 Melon Music Awards.

Jungkook and Jimin provided an astonishingly choreographed performance over water, before J-Hope and V moved on to the next track - 'On.' Fans did miss Suga, who had been on a medical hiatus.

Daechwita x BTS

The lead single from BTS' solo album, 'Daechwita,' induces fans to a different state.

After performing 'Taechwita,' BTS joined forces to perform 'Daechwita' live at the 2021 Muster Sowoozoo concert, where Suga took a step back and allowed his bandmates to wear outfits that matched the mood of the song.

Pied Piper and Vocal Line Dimple

BTS has a distinct sub-unit breakdown with the Rap line and the vocal line. However, most of BTS' songs are written by RM, including one such single is 'Dimple' (Illegal) at BTS' 2019 Muster.

Because unlike 'Baepsae' (Silver Spoon), this song has gentle and gentle hip thrusts that are deadly for hard stans as well as subtle visuals that soft stans enjoy.

The rest of the band performed the song 'Pied Piper,' an ironic song for the ARMYs, who followed him.

Grammy Award Winner: BTS

Most ARMYs despise the Grammy Awards, but one thing that can be said of BTS' participation at the 2022 Grammy Awards is that the boy group demonstrated exactly what they would be missing out on. The boy group took the international stage and delivered a James Bond-esque performance that will always be a part of BTS' iconic performances.

Jin's hand injury halted him from participating in the dance break. However, the other six members of BTS performed their hit English single, 'Butter,' on stage with a stunning choreography that caught many off guard.

Ddaeng ft.Vocal Line at BTS

The boy group's unofficial single, 'Ddaeng,' is a diss track that BTS' rap line has dropped with the intention of dethroning those who slammed the band during the peak of popularity.

'Ddaeng' was originally performed during BTS' anniversary Festa celebrations in 2018, but many fans will still remember the song.

At their 5th Muster show in 2019, BTS' vocal line joined RM and took turns singing 'Ddaeng' with the boy group's leader. Fans loved V and Jungkook's rapping abilities that they still admire.

Pt.3 of Rap Line Cypher, and Ugh!

BTS' 2022 song - 'Yet To Come in Busan' was recited by RM, Suga, and J-Hope, who performed the group's most destructive rap song - 'Ugh!' This performance is a proof that the song that opens with a gunshot is deadly.

RM and J-Hope collide and this real fight seems to be long overdue as they deliver a performance of a lifetime. BTS then continued their performance with an old favorite 'Cypher Pt. 3'.

BTS is surprised by ARMY.

When the boys were on stage ready to close their 2019 Wembley Stadium 'Speak Yourself' concert, many ARMYs still treasured it. They were unprepared for what the producers had planned for the night before delivering their final songs.

The seven boys broke down on stage as they heard 90,000 ARMYs sing their hit single, 'Young Forever.' The boys were stunned by the support they received from fans.

So there you have it, our top 10 BTS on-stage performances!

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree with the list? Do you have any noteworthy errors that you prefer? Let us know in the comments below!

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