Recap and review of Trolley K-Drama Episode 13

Recap and review of Trolley K-Drama Episode 13 ...

Infidelity is a problem.

Hye-joo is attempting to determine if Joong-do is truly telling the truth about Ji-hoon's accident the night of his death. Given the fact that he was the last one to see their son, Joong-do takes an age to respond before declaring that he didn't see him.

Woo-jae ringes out and distracts them both. Seung-hee has released a video on how Hye-joo framed him about molesting. She's surprised and a bit unnerved when Seung-hee's mother discovers it's all recorded on the dashcam footage.

Joong-do pressures his wife to watch TV and make a statement to try and avoid damage control, while Kang meets with Chairwoman Woo and proposes they collaborate to block Joong-do's new measure.

Kang knows that the bill will not be passed, but he believes that joining hands on this issue would be on the right foot of public opinion. Woo is pretty optimistic that Joong-do will be able to turn the tide on this issue, and proposes a welfare measure as an alternative.

People gather outside Hye-joo's house in the morning, shouting on Seung-ho's side and accusing Joong-do of disgracing the party of mistaking them. Hye-joo is forced to fall out the back.

Woo-jae decides it's time to get on the news. Yeon-seo only convinces her more than night, admitting she's seen it online. She's beginning to doubt her story, particularly as Seung-ho has a "bright future" ahead of him. Joong-do calls Ki-young and orders him to surrender all evidence.

Ji-soo, the doctor who treated Ji-hoon, ring Hye-joo to inquire about Ji-hoon's condition. She also brings up Soo-bin, who admits to having a miscarriage. Ji-soo admits she returned to her mother in agony.

So-bin became pregnant while Ji-hoon was in jail, and it might have been him. She had a miscarriage 8 weeks into her pregnancy, but she forged the papers.

Soo-bin meets with a shady friend who discusses Hye-joo's pregnancy and the reports that she has been lying. He also discloses that he knew about her pregnancy before she said anything. He found a medical record and had Ye-eun, one of his other associates pose as her and go to the clinic.

Soo-bin has been contacted by a scammer because her bank card was used to buy meth for him, thus she has to run an errand for him.

Soo-bin unlocks Hye-joo's number and meets Woo-jae, who suggests that she work with them on that fateful night. Hye-joo confronts her husband once more than night. He eventually admits to meeting Ji-hoon and chastises hm.

Joong-do called while Joong-do was out and requested his help, deciding to leave Ji-hoon until later in the evening, with Woo-jae suggesting using the wake as a cover for going out in the early morning.

Hye-joo does the same thing and goes to her book restoration center and calls Soo-bin, revealing everything she knows. She doesn't judge, rather wishes she'd just meet her and speak to her.

Soo-bin mentions that Joong-do was having an affair with Yeo-jin, and both she and Ji-hoon were told of this fact the day before Ji-hoon's death.

Given Ji-hoon had a chance to talk about the affair earlier in the night, we move on to Joong-do and Yeo-jin.

Trolley delivers a surprising subdued and quiet episode, at least until the final 15 minutes or so, as well as a discussion of whether or not Joong-do is correct.

The incident itself is a nice touch and a lovely twist that elevates this chapter, finally revealing Joong-do's true side.

Understanding how Soo-bin and Ji-hoon intertwined into all this helps pieces together in a coherent and satisfying manner. The supporting cast members may not be all that appealing, but hopefully the final three episodes will change that.

It's a shame because the main idea here is really good, and there are certainly enjoyable segments, but this drama deserved 16 episodes.

What are we going to do with the other three episodes once we get this big reveal? We'll have to wait and see!

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