After a mental examination, Raven star Orlando Brown might declare insanity

After a mental examination, Raven star Orlando Brown might declare insanity ...

Orlando Brown's mental health will be assessed before his Ohio criminal case trial. He may also have an opportunity to plead not guilty due to insanity.

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According to TMZ's most recent legal papers, Orlando Brown's attorney has requested a mental evaluation.

A further examination will be conducted to see whether the disgraced actor is mentally prepared to face his trial.

Brown, who was imprisoned in Ohio in December, is facing various criminal charges, including aggravated menacing and a first-degree misdemeanor.

Brown, a Disney alum who has previously admitted not guilty, may be tempted by the results of his psychological assessment.

Brown is currently on house arrest. He was released from prison on Friday after posting a bail amounting to nearly $25,000.

Brown made his big screen debut in Damon Wayans' 1995 comedy Major Payne. He later appeared in numerous well-known family sitcoms like Family Matters and Two of a Kind.

Orlando Brown was reported to have been arrested last December 2022 after cops received a call about a fight between two men.

The alleged victim also claimed to police that Brown launched an offensive weapon and a hammer.

Brown was revealed to be living with the alleged victim, who also lent him a film role following the incident.

Brown's visit to Dr. Phil McGraw was a fitting end to a tumultuous year.

During his time in office, Brown was apprehended almost every month. Several of his charges included narcotics possession, burglary, and domestic assault.

In May of the same year, he gained notoriety for tattooing Raven Symoné's face on his chest.

In September of that year, the rapper was sentenced to prison for a no-contest plea to a drug possession offense. He was also sentenced to prison for changing the locks on his friend's restaurant doors.

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