After a Netflix breakthrough, Pamela Anderson prepares to produce a new show

After a Netflix breakthrough, Pamela Anderson prepares to produce a new show ...

Pamela Anderson will host a cooking program focusing on plant-based meals on Food Network Canada. She will cook on-screen with chefs for her friends and family in Ladysmith, British Columbia, where she grew up. Additionally, footage of her having sex with her ex-husband Tommy Lee was stolen and published online without her consent during this time period.

After the film about Pam and Tommy on Hulu without her consent, Anderson pledged to tell the whole story. She has been a vegetarian since she was a kid, and vegan for more than three decades. According to Anderson, writing her memoir made her think, "What was I thinking?"

Pamela Anderson, 55, has signed on to star in a new Food Network Canada program called Pamela's Cooking With Love, which was released less than a week after she released her Netflix documentary 'Pamela, A Love Story,' in which she expressed her thoughts on her future. In 'Pamela's Garden of Eden,' Anderson said the actress may be destined to become television's next lifestyle queen, à la Martha Stewart.

Pamela Anderson will be filming new episodes of "Pamela's Garden of Eden" and "Pamela's Cooking With Love" simultaneously this summer. Tome takes a close look at Pamela Anderson's toxic relationship with her ex-husband Tommy Lee. Their two sons are Brandon, 26, and Dylan, 25. "My story isn't one of victimhood," she says.

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