Sam Smith's Unholy is being chastised for Balenciagas' lyrics

Sam Smith's Unholy is being chastised for Balenciagas' lyrics ...

Unholy, a song by Sam Smith and Kim Petra, has made headlines since it set the record at this year's Grammy Awards. Moreover, recent fans have been enraged by Smith for including Balenciaga in the lyrics.

Here's all you need to know about it.

Sam Smith and Kim Petra laud Balenciaga in their hit song Unholy, according to a Twitter user.

'You gon, my Balenciaga daddy,' says the lyrics, 'because I'm spending on Rodeo.'

A third user has taken to Twitter to criticize Hollywood for failing to condemn Balenciaga following their recent scandal.

'Now Sam Smith is revealing his devotion to the devil to millions of people and children.' They wrote, 'I don't know what to tell you other than WAKE UP.'

At this year's Grammy Awards ceremony, Smith and Petras performed a live rendition of the song.

They also included red lighting and pyrotechnics as well as dancers performing in metal cages.

Smith on the other hand was seen wearing a horned hat. Besides that, the duo went on to win a Grammy for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance.

Although the song is still popular on social media, many internet users believe it is a tribute to Balenciaga.

For their p**dophilic advertising campaigns, the fashion label has been removed from the internet.

Despite the fact that the song was released long before Balenciaga's recent controversy, it is important to remember that the song was released.

Deterioration appears to be addressed in the lyrics of the song Unholy.

During a conversation with Billboard, The Stay With Me talked about his intention to explore queer joy in their latest album.

Sam Smith and Kim Petra's song Unholy was denounced by many followers on social media, as well as calling their recent Grammy performance "satanic."

'There are NO COINCIDENCES,' a fan said. Sam Smith's "Unholy" lyrics make a reference to BALENCIAGA... This song was performed during the #Grammys.

'What ever happened to Hollywood-ers who sat around as good role models and positive influences? Now they promote satan,' said another user.

'Truly Disgusting.. Truly Satanic and Truly UNHOLY,' another person chimed in.

'I'm so glad I didn't give it a rating,' a different user said, "The Grammys aren't the Grammys anymore."

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