Aliens kidnapped my parents, and now I feel a little left out

Aliens kidnapped my parents, and now I feel a little left out ...

Aliens Abducted My Parents and Now I Feel Like I'm Left Out, which does not contain spoilers.

Aliens Abducted My Parents and Now I Feel Like I've Been Left Out is a film that I've never heard of. The script gives no human reason to care for the characters, except because none of them behaves like real humans. That's where Austin Everett's script falls on.

Aliens kidnapped my parents, and now I feel like I'm left out of the plot and review.

Calvin (Thomas Cummins) is a senior in a small country town who lost his parents a year ago. They see a comet streaking across the sky as a youngster, and he hears his father call out his name. Calvin runs into the yard and finds nothing but a cold, dark night sky. His parents, including his mother Vera (Elizabeth Mitchell), are gone.

A decade passes, and a new family with a moody new teenager settles in. She is sad to leave the big city. She immediately feels a connection with Calvin, who is now a high school senior and an outcast like herself. He is every teacher's thorn in the side, although in a disarming way.

Itsy quickly learns why Calvin is the proverbial elephant in any room he enters — he believes aliens took his parents. Soon, an ambitious school paper editor approaches Itsy about getting close to Calvin. She offers her an opportunity to coauthor an exposé that might attract her to accredited writing programs. However, will she choose her ambition or loyalty to her new friend?

It's a shame the film neglected such a fun and exciting premise. When you combine this type of narrative with a coming-of-age story, you get the advantages of a top-tier family film, which's rare nowadays in Hollywood. Overused music narrations, and an overt irkiness

The most striking is how the script bypasses true common sense. For example, the parents of Itsy act as if they are two high school students. They encourage their daughter in unsettling ways. This makes me wonder when the school social worker should be called.

Is it true that my parents were kidnapped by aliens, and now I feel like I'm just thrown out there?

No matter how much 80s science family film nostalgia Jake Van Wagoner tries to dispense, Jacob Buster does a disserviceable job.

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