The A Common Sequence Review is stimulating and stunningly effective

The A Common Sequence Review is stimulating and stunningly effective ...

A Common Sequence, a documentary film filmed in 2023, is reviewed by Mary Helena Clark and Mike Gibisser.

A Common Sequence's narrative explores a staggeringly complex and mind-blowing world at the same time. The filmmakers make fascinating connections between exploitation, patents, colonialism, labor practices, and innovations across nations and continents. The film's thrill lies in the dangers of socioeconomic and scientific advances that are far greater than many realize or are willing to admit.

Review of a Common Sequence

Mary Helena Clark and Mike Gibisser directed A Common Sequence, which captures the mystery at its core, including the unsustainable trapping and farming of the axolotl salamander that is on the verge of extinction, from the men and women who sell them in innovative ways.

Mexican nuns save them so they may sell salamander oil to their parishes. The military is pursuing a genetic code that allows for our soldiers to thrive. This presentation demonstrates how labor practices move beyond mass-producing apples to reduce labor costs.

The third stage of the film is a wonderful visual essay discussing genomics and, again, exploiting a minority class. For instance, when the film discusses a reasonably dry webinar, the presenter is an expert in pharmacogenomics and a member of the Sioux Tribe reservation on the Cheyenne river. Such a professional presentation in any continuing education, human resource, or college course would soon have shocking new meanings.

Human cloning is illegal. But nothing is prohibiting the use of some of that information on a non-human subject. This world is no longer dominated by gold or oil, but by data. The P'urchepecha and other Mexican indigenous tribes may be pillaged for their genomic data. They represent a new kind of colonialism that is forming in the world.

Is A Common Sequence a Good Option?

A Common Sequence, like 2021's All Light is Everywhere, is a stimulating and frighteningly visceral exploration of innovation's unintended consequences (though it may be argued these are intended), according to an excerpt from a documentary film that captivated me.

Colonilam removes humanity from the humane. Technology does the same. A Common Sequence serves as a thought-provoking warning.

A Common Sequence, a documentary film, what did you think? Please share your thoughts below.

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