Why does Soo-bin believe Ji-hoon was murdered in Trolley Season 1 Episode 13?

Why does Soo-bin believe Ji-hoon was murdered in Trolley Season 1 Episode 13? ...

Trolley Season 1 Episode 13, a Netflix K-Drama series Trolley, is recapped, and there are spoilers.

This episode of Trolley was as good as the show is. It covered everything that made the series so special in the first place and began to paint a more complete picture of where each character will go in the next three episodes.

Recap of Season 1 Episode 13 of Trolley

Hye-joo confronts Joong-do, astonished and irritated, and claims he cannot reveal where he was on the night of his death, or whether he's having an affair. The assemblyman, stunned and upset, simply responds by stating that he cannot state where he is.

Suddenly, everything comes to a halt, as Seung-hee's blog on Hye-joo's "framing" of Seung-ho isgaining momentum on the internet. At the hospital though, Yoo-sin looks anything but convinced her "agony and grief" will soon be ended.

Despite Hye-joo being told her past will be left to the "court of public opinion," she wants more time to think about her side of the story on television, even if she's not completely sure. He's also surprised that he'd rather have her believe he's an adulterer than reveal his whereabouts the night Ji-hoon died.

Soon-hong assures Jin-seok that he'll approve "at least ten" of the Daehan Party's welfare bills while in exchange, Hye-joo declares she'll sleep in Yeo-jin's bedroom for the night.

Joong-do defers his reaction to Seung-hee's online remarks, which he hopes will be published by the media, and which is "undermining" her support for "Namgoong Sol's Law," and Hye-joo flees her house to avoid being asked whether she "drove" a student to his death by framing him. Concurrently, Seung-hee discovers her mother confronts Ki-young when he was out in Seoul

Hye-joo calls Woo-jae, requesting that he investigate the Seung-ho case in a somewhat slanderous manner. Afterward, Ki-young fails to persuade Yoo-sin to reveal everything to her daughter. Her late son will never be convicted of a "sex offender."

Ki-young tries to correct Seung-hee of her mother's "deception" concerning Seung-ho's false innocence, only for his wife to become petty. She then believes Yoo-sin's words that the car accident was caused by her husband's "scheming" with Hye-joo. Elsewhere, Joong-do asks disgruntled party members for help in regaining public respect once more, for "Namgoong

When Yoon-seo expresses doubts toward her mother, questioning whether she sent her daughter away for financial gain, Hye-joo calls Joong-do, now wishing to appear on television "as soon as possible," as "no one cares about a guy who puts out a small fire."

Ji-soo tells Hye-joo about Soo-bin's miscarriage, despite Ki-young's agreement to provide evidence of Yoo-sin's illegal land speculation to Joong-do, noting that the child was never Ji-hoon's, either.

Soo-bin defends Hye-joo, bluntly declaring that she "really was molested," but the youngster soon faces more issues. She discovers her former partner had sent Ye-eun to the clinic, pretending to be Soo-bin, to have everything checked out. She then threatens to send Ji-hoon to prison, since he used her bank account for meth dealing.

Hye-joo expresses her happiness over Soo-bin with Yeo-jin on the night of Ji-hoon's death, although she does backtrack when realizing she still has Yeo-jin.

The youngster gets in a car with Woo-jae to meet and chat to discuss why Ji-hoon allegedly stole meth from her ex on the day of her death. (Not Hye-joo), they may keep her safe from 'JD.' Elsewhere, the book conservator presses her husband for answers, saying, "It's a living hell."

Joong-do admits to having discreetly discussed Ji-hoon's death, only to reveal it later because of the guilt he felt after his son's death. Fortunately, Hye-joo is forgiving, and comforts her husband.

Hye-joo bumps into a waiting Soo-bin who tells her that Joong-do is having an affair with Yeo-jin at their house the day her partner died, and Soo-bin suddenly declares that Joong-do might have killed her son.

Hye-joo is surprised, but Soo-bin remains unflinching in her beliefs, believing that Ji-hoon would not have died if he had not confronted his father about his cheating. Then, with this information, Joong-do stands across from Yeo-jin.

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