One Punch Man Costume Aroged in Overwatch 2

One Punch Man Costume Aroged in Overwatch 2 ...

Love for video games and affection for anime seem to be two cultures that always go hand in hand. This arrangement later gave rise to a collaboration between two major franchises across the media that was considered to be efficient in generating more massive appeal for both. This strategy Overwatch 2 seems to want to follow.

Season 3 of Overwatch 2 has been officially introduced via a new trailer that reveals all of the new content that can be anticipated, including new maps, as well as tons of skins for the various characters that exist. What's particularly interesting is the confirmation of the collaboration between One Punch Man and himself, which will be realized through Saitama's signature outfit for none other than, Doomfist.

Saitama's outfit from One Punch Man will be introduced by Doomfist.

This collaboration event with One Punch Man will take place between March 7 and April 6 2023. There is no confirmation whether or not he will involve other characters.

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