What Has Happened to Mary Yoder's Siblings?

What Has Happened to Mary Yoder's Siblings? ...

NBC Dateline's 'Poisoned' chronicles the mysterious death of Dr. Mary Louise (Bakert) Yoder, 60, in Oneida County, New York, in July 2015. While the prosecution for her murder had identified a suspect, Mary's sisters refuse to believe the real culprit had been discovered. They actively campaign for the investigation to reopen in their sister's death.

Mary Yoder's Siblings: Who Are They?

Mary Louise Bakert Yoder was born to Norma Janet Schwartz Bakert and Arthur Charles Bakert in Buffalo, New York. Her brothers are Thomas and Arthur Bakert, while her sisters are Sharon Mills, Sallie Bakert King, Kathleen Richmond, and Patricia Bakert Miceli.

The sisters loved Mary and shared that she was willing to do anything they suggested, including gardening, singing, and even belly dancing. Sallie recalled how she even got her into belly dancing when she was rushed to a hospital on July 21, 2015.

Mary lived an extremely active lifestyle and initially dismissed her sickness as a stomach ache. However, her condition continued to worsen, and she suffered multiple cardiac arrests before finally breathing last in the afternoon on July 2. Her sudden and tragic death shocked the doctors as well as her family.

The medical examiner checked for Colchicine and discovered deadly doses of the drug present in her body. Her official cause of death was determined to be Colchicine toxicity and manner of death homicide.

In November 2015, the cops received an anonymous letter claiming Adam, Mary's youngest son, was to blame for her death. However, the investigators soon discovered he had gone to visit one of his sisters in Long Island five days before the murder. Kaitlyn Conley, an employee at the family clinic and Adam's girlfriend, was identified as the culprit in the case.

What Are the Known Currents of Mary Yoder's Siblings?

Kaitlyn was identified as the murderer in May 2016, and she was sentenced to 23 years in prison after her first trial ended in a mistrial. Janine runs a website called 'Free Kaitlyn Conley,' where she advocates for Kaitlyn's innocence and accuses Mary's husband, Dr. William "Bill" Yoder, of being the probable murder suspect.

The sisters allege Bill of plotting to cover-up. Kathy “Kathy” Richmond has chronic illness that has resulted in her husband's death.

Bill was allegedly the groom of her inheritance, according to the sisters, and she sells handmade bags and purses online. Sharon is a registered respiratory therapist with Naples Oxygen and lives in Frankfort, New York, with her husband, George Mills. Sallie does not have a social media presence and hence no information is available concerning her current location in the public domain.

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