With an Origin Series, Showtime takes a further swipe at Dexter

With an Origin Series, Showtime takes a further swipe at Dexter ...

With an origin series and more of Dexter: New Blood, Showtime is taking a deep dive into Dexter's world, which includes his serial killer, who kills serial murderers. The origin story, currently titled Dexter: Origins, but that may change, will examine Dexter Morgan's backstory.

Dexter: Origins will introduce young Dexter Morgan to the family he was born into when he graduated college to join Miami Metro. These are just a few of the older versions of Dexter, who we now know as the original Dexter.

Dexter, starring Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter, was premiered in October 2006 and wrapped its eight-season run in September 2013. In November 2021, Showtime launched the follow-up series Dexter: New Blood, which featured Dexter's teenage son, played by Jack Alcott.

"The Dexter saga has been a clear creative and popular success for Showtime, both in its original, groundbreaking form as well as the record-setting Dexter: New Blood," according to Chris McCarthy, Showtime's president/CEO, and Paramount Media Networks. "The series is a rich foundation for other shows in the lane of complex, subversive antiheroes that Showtime has always done so brilliantly."

Dexter: Origins is executive produced by Clyde Phillips, an Emmy winner. “It's a joy to contemplate going further with these complex and iconic characters – and the stories, themes, and possibilities they inspire.”

Dexter: New Blood is described by Showtime as a fresh incarnation of the popular 2021-22 drama that reintroduces his father to New York City, where he must confront his own violent nature and whether, like his father, he is also forced to kill. — According to Showtime.

The network is considering further expanding the Dexter universe by focusing on other characters.

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