Is Thale's Ending Explained at the Film's End?

Is Thale's Ending Explained at the Film's End? ...

Synopsis of the Viking Wolf Plot

Thale, a 17-year-old girl who moves to Nybo with her family, struggles to adjust to her new surroundings and fails to make many friends, but her fortunes are changed when she is invited to a party by a young guy named Jonas.

Thale and other members of the group are bitten by a creature and one girl is killed. Thale is later discovered to be a werewolf.

Thale is harmed by the werewolf's poison and begins to become a werewolf herself.

Thale finds herself in the firing line when the local police are looking for the creature responsible for the girl's death.

Is she able to stay alive to see the next full moon? Let's take a closer look at Viking Wolf.

What is the origin of Viking Wolf?

The film starts with a brief introduction set during the Viking invasion of Normandy in 1050.

A group of fierce Viking warriors go to a monastery to look for anything they can get their greedy hands on. They discover a dark chamber and discover a feral wolf cub hidden inside, unaware that their new passenger is, according to the narration, the hound of hell!

The wolf survives the journey and upon arrival in Norway, the evil creature makes its way into the deep Nordic woods.

The first scene in the film is a success, although the prologue may be inaccurate, so you should not have to cancel your vacation to Norway!

The film returns to Nybo, Uganda, recently introducing us to Thale, a 17-year-old girl with her mother, stepfather, and younger sister, shortly afterwards.

Thale is a bit of a recluse but her life begins to improve when she meets Jonas. He invites her to a party at the bay, but this concludes badly when she and several other members of the group are attacked by a werewolf.

Was anyone killed in the werewolf attack?

Thale notices Jonas talking to Elin while returning from the party, but shortly after, a wolf emerges from the woods and attack the group. Jonas and Thale are hurt in the attack, and Elin is dragged into the woods by the creature.

The police arrive and examine the scene. Liv, Thale's mother, is relieved to discover her daughter alive. Poor Elin is not so lucky, however, as we later learn when her badly mutilated corpse is discovered in the woods. An indication of her death – a claw – is discovered.

What are the results of the police investigation?

Liv is encouraged by a forensic pathologist to contact a wolf expert at the Norwegian School of Veterinary Sciences. After an examination, this expert concludes that Elin was murdered by a wolf of a different size.

Liv is introduced to Lars Brodin, who has been looking for a waswolf in the woods his whole life. He informs Liv that this werewolf was to blame for Elin's death and that it must be stopped before it continues its bloodline with another victim, but he refuses to offer any help.

Liv and other members of the police go to the woods to search for a wolf. They discover what they are looking for but in the process, several of them are wounded by the creature. Before Liv is able to save her life, she manages to shoot and kill the beast.

Liv discovers that the silver bullet was to blame for the wolf's death. At this point, she realizes that Lars was lying and that the wolf is nothing but an ordinary animal.

What does Thale's future hold?

Thale begins to have strange dreams due to the werewolf's blood that is streaming through her bloodstream. One night, while hanging out with Jonas, she looks up at the full moon and starts to become a werewolf herself.

Thale is consumed by bloodlust and refuses to give up on Jonas. After realizing what she has done, she decides to leave town. The next night she boards a bus but Thale transforms into the werewolf again and kills some of the passengers.

Liv discovers Thale's watch and after DNA testing, discovers Thale is the werewolf that massacred her.

Thale arrives at her family's house in werewolf form and prepares to assault Jenny, her sister. However, Jenny stops Thale in her tracks – perhaps Thale's human side took over for a moment – and she pauses. At this point, her stepfather arrives on the scene and, after seeing her as a wolf, attacks her.

Thale escapes and survives an attack by Lars, who attempts to smash into her with his caravan. Lars is killed in the process, thus his lifelong efforts to end the original werewolf's bloodline have failed. However, Thale is wounded by Jenny and loses consciousness.

Is Thale a dead character at the end of the film?

Liv prepares to shoot Thale with one of Lars' silver bullets before she takes aim, but we never know what will happen next.

Liv is seen standing beside Thale's picture just before the film's conclusion. Which is somewhat depressing because it implies that she shot her daughter.

Is Thale still alive? If so, will she continue the hellhound's bloodline we saw at the start of the film? Or is Thale dead, meaning that Nybo's town has no longer been cursed by the hellhound?

We have no idea at this stage, but if you have any suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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