Review of Freeridge Season 1 An unusual drama that is worth seeing despite its flaws

Review of Freeridge Season 1 An unusual drama that is worth seeing despite its flaws ...

Season 1

Season 1 of The Bachelor is now available.

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Freeridge is a comedy program that begins off with a unique narrative that evolves into a typical teenage drama towards the end. Gloria, Ines, Demi, and Cam follow their journey through teenage life through school, relationships, and hidden boxes that put a curse on you.

The first episode is a delight to watch. Relationships, grief, mysterious boxes — everything is addressed in an original way. Friends have a funny quality that makes you smile.

The plot has a touch of magical realism, which is fantastic. A lot about the curse and its mysterious owner is used for laughs, but there are a few moments that aren't explained much at all. That minor hint of — magic, spiritualism, the hand of fate, whatever you call it — is compelling and makes the show all the more entertaining.

Gloria and Ines' sisterhood is complex, dramatic, and fiercely supportive. They end the show in the most basic of all tropes—the love triangle. Cam and Demi have a predictable but enjoyable and engaging romance; however, the events of the last two episodes leave much to be desired.

The cast has done a fantastic job of retaining its visual appeal from start to finish, and the music has been curated to reflect the mood perfectly. Peggy Blow deserves a special mention for her portrayal of an interestingly eccentric character.

While Freeridge may depict teenage life in all its messiness, it does so with the greatest care and attention. The script and narration are crisp and succinct, keeping only what they need and eliminating the rest. Three narratives are covered with little dialogue and no confusion.

The humor is a bit shaky, but it still works and will have you grinning from ear to ear. These qualities make it easy to overlook the bleak storytelling at the end of the season or, at the very least, to give season 2 a chance.

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