Tatsumaki Vs. Saitama in One Punch Man Chapter 179! Release Date

Tatsumaki Vs. Saitama in One Punch Man Chapter 179! Release Date ...

The manga has radically changed. Murata's opinion on the story's direction is debatable. However, no reader can ignore the effort that he puts forth every week. Tatsumaki Vs. Saitama: The Last Chapter

The last confrontation between Tatsumaki and Saitama will come one step closer to breaking out. However, given the consequences of the last confrontation, Saitama is certain to distance himself from any damage that might wreak havoc on innocent people. His first choice would be to protect the common people. And secondly, he will try to talk it out with one another.

What Happened Next in One Punch Man Chapter 179?

With the name of Blast on the line, the prediction threads for the new chapter are exploding. This time, the mangaka is bringing two chapters in a week, which suggests that he is working on God Mode. The next challenge is a direct one-on-one between Tatsumaki and Saitama.

Tatsumaki disliked the proximity between Saitama and Fubuki the previous time, and she does not want the little girl to be friends with someone who isn't trustworthy for her. And Blast's appearance will be the cherry on the cake for the next installment!

Recap of a Previous Chapter

For the first time, Forte explained that he was still in a coma, and that Saitama was capable of sustaining such powerful strikes. He even wounds the fighter in front of him.

On the other side, a minor conflict erupts between Saitama and Tatsumaki. The source of this was the punishment that she was imposing on the Blizzard Group. Tatsumaki was quick to realize that this was the guy that was well-known for being with Genos.

Tatsumaki rejected the fubuki/saitama connection. In the final act of the chapter, three powerful entities, Tongue Stretcher, Man-Eating Capybara, and Beer Bellee, are able to escape the prison, only to return once more. These are the main characters that will bring the story to a head in the next weeks!

Murata's Updates!

Nebo Kuro, Murata's Twitter space, is one of the most active mangaka feeds on the platform. Yet, the artist manages to bring two chapters in a single week. However, the majority of the updates about the new chapter came out just after the publication of the previous one.

No leaks or raw scans have been released in the public domain. Only some prediction theories have been revealed in the threads. The entire discussion was about Blast's role in the battle between the two titular heroes. Unfortunately, no concrete updates have been given at the moment. List23 will update this section as soon as the artist releases any information.

Release Date for One Punch Man Chapter 179 Release Dates for One Punch Man Chapter 179

The artists did not sift out fans' requests for a final release date. For One Punch Man Chapter 179, the release date has been set by the makers at different times in different time zones1. The Eastern Time is 12:00 AM.

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