Personal items of Dee Dee Ramones will be sold for $1.5 million

Personal items of Dee Dee Ramones will be sold for $1.5 million ...

Dee Dee Ramone's loyal supporters will now be able to purchase some of the singer's personal items for a fee of $1.5 million.

Here's all you need to know about everything.

Vera Boldis, Dee Dee Ramone's former wife, has joined forces with Moments In Time auctions to sell a lot of the singer's goods.

She is said to be bidding the items for a whopping $1.5 million.

Boldis has kept the collection from The Ramones' original member for over forty years.

In the meantime, the purchaser who is willing to spend $1.5 million will acquire over a thousand items from Ramone's personal collection.

According to rumors, the list includes lyrics, clothes, love letters, and his wedding album.

Fans may also be able to pick up a piece of Ramone's gold and diamond 'King' necklace.

A signed copy of Boldis' famous fifth studio album 'End of the Century' has also been placed on the auction block for the uninsured. The record was originally released in 1980.

Dee Dee Ramone, better known as Douglas Colvin, was the bassist of the Ramones in the punk rock band in 1989, when C.J. Ramone took over.

DarĂ¼ber hinaus, Ramone claimed in his 2000 autobiography Lobotomy: Surviving the Ramones that producer Phil Spector held the band hostage while they were filming End of the Century.

'He shot me to the ground, then pleaded for me and the rest of the band to return to the piano room,' Ramone wrote.

'He only holstered his pistol when he trusted that his bodyguards would take over,' he said, then sat down at his black concert piano and made us listen to him play and sing 'Baby, I Love You until well after 4:30 in the morning.'

'We'd been working for at least fourteen or fifteen hours a day for thirteen days in a row,' Ramone said. 'We'd still not recorded one note of music.'

'I've never heard anyone perform bass on this album,' he added.

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