Release Date | Promo | Cast of [FOX] Accused Episode 4 [Kendalls story]

Release Date | Promo | Cast of [FOX] Accused Episode 4 [Kendalls story] ...

The Accused Crime Anthology Drama, directed by Howard Gordon, is organized according to a rigid framework. Instead, the story is organized according to a series of diversionary tactics, usually followed by a few brief flashbacks that reveal the defendant's decisions and the external and internal forces that pushed them to make those decisions. (

Is the story of Ava from [FOX] Accused Episode 2 based on a true story? Is the cast of [FOX] Accused Episode 2 played by a real-life Deaf person?

What is 'Accused' Episode 4 (Kendall's story)?

"Kendall's Story," titled "Kendall's story," will be filmed and directed by Clark Johnson and written by Keith Josef Adkins. The film "Kendall's Story," which explores a father's (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) desire for vengeance against a stranger who sexually assaulted his daughter when she was young, will feature in an episode.

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Synopsis: When a man (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) learns that his daughter was murdered at their house, his friends encourage him to take justice into his own hands.

Release Date for Accused Episode 4

'Accused' Episode 4 will be available on Fox at 9/8c on February 14, 2023. The episodes will be available on Hulu the day after they have originally aired. Hulu users who purchase the Hulu Plus Live TV subscription will also receive access to the Fox telecast. For example, Hulu has a $7.99/month ad-supported plan and a $14.99/month ad-free option. The episodes will also be available on Fox's website for immediate viewing

Cast of Accused Episode 4 [Kendall's story]

Kendall Gomillion as played by Malcolm-Jamal Warner Camilla Edna Bascom as Detective Trent Douglas Donald Paul as Lamar Mingoe Kobna Holdbrook-Smith as ADA Bill Stanley Jasmine Burns as Father Southgate

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