Tim and Amy Case in Episode 6 of Alert Missing Persons

Tim and Amy Case in Episode 6 of Alert Missing Persons ...

Tensions between the Grant and Batista families have reached a boiling point on the fifth episode of Season 1 of Alert: Missing Persons Unit. Miguel left on his own to escape his brother, but he returned to his mother, according to the recap below.

Recap of Episode 1 of Alert Missing Persons

Spoilers for the 6th episode of Alert Missing Persons

Jason (Scott Caan) and his MPU colleague Mike (Ryan Broussard) go to the Allegheny Mountains to look for a missing couple after Jason encounters some pretty serious problems and some bad guys while Jason's suspected once-missing son Keith (Graham Verchere) joins a trauma therapy group.

Promo for Season 1 Episode 6 of Alert

Synopsis for Alert (MPU) Episode 6

Jason and Mike are looking for a missing couple in the Allegheny Mountains, and Keith bonds with a patient at a trauma therapy group.

The release date for the Episode 6 of Alert Missing Persons was set.

Alert: Missing Persons Unit ep 6 will be released on FOX on Monday, February 6, 2023. The next episode of the crime drama series, Miguel, will also be about 45 minutes long, as the previous episodes. On Sunday, January 8, we will get Alert Episode 1 debut, and Episode 2 will be released on Monday, January 9 at (9:30–10:00 PM ET/PT).

Recap of the fifth episode of Alert Missing Persons

A man and a woman who are in labor and bleeding out get caught in traffic when a guy from another vehicle jumps out and starts chasing him with a pistol. Keith is surprised and reminds him that his abductor is still alive. He then tells Nikki and Kemi that Miguel was carrying a mission lady who has been gone for two years.

Nikki tells Salgado that his brother has committed suicide. They discover that a man she saw at the train station years ago is a prime suspect in a case that happened 18 years ago. According to a study, Mike and Jason arrive just in time to abduct Shane.

Mike is becoming more irritated by Jason's tendency to sift out his thoughts. He attempts to communicate with Nikki, but she is more concerned with him surrendering his weapon. She tells his parents that her kidnapper is still alive. He tells Sydney that he borrowed his pellet rifle from a pal.

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