Recap of Season 1 of Crash Course in Romance

Recap of Season 1 of Crash Course in Romance ...

"Chance Becomes Fate through Inductive Reasoning," a K-Drama series from Netflix, which contains spoilers.

Crash Course in Romance favored giving the viewer questions rather than answers. What will Su-hui do once she has caught Chi-yeol (Jung Kyung-ho) and Haeng-seon (Jeon Do-yeon) together? What will Chi-yeol do when she has caught him? What will Su-hui do once she has caught him?

Recap of Season 1 Episode 8 of Crash Course in Romance

When Chi-yeol sips a side dish with Haeng-seon, reminiscing while also realizing his previous connections to the shop owner through his restauranteur mother, Yi-sang is surprised to learn who Hae-e is. He is believed to be the person who was kicked out of the All Care Programme for Young-min, believing he could sabotage his information.

Chi-yeol continues to fantasize about being taken care of by Haeng-seon's mother, understanding why he was "unable to eat her food," and why he was "drawn to her and her family." Seo-jin sneaks into Hui-jae's room in a bid to hide tracking software.

Chi-yeol returns to Yeong-sun's burial ground the following day, talking with Dong-hui about the lack of memories that he's now in touch with Haeng-seon's cafeteria, which he believes provided him comfort when he had "lost all hope to live in this world."

Hui-jae tries to keep Dong-hui's purchase of the Nation's Best Banchan's building and his newfound landlord status a secret, before being enraged by Yi-sang, who offers backhanded compliments about integrating Hae-e into his "busy schedule."

When Chi-yeol learns Yi-sang is 'chiyeolsucks' online, and plans to release a story speculating on an "illicit relationship" between the star tutor and Hae-e, action is taken. First, the academy instructor punches his tormentor. Then, Chi-yeol threatens Yi-sang, making sure the latter will be "sued for damages until you go broke."

Chi-yeol invites everyone to a gourmet lunch as part of his celebration of Haeng-seon's family, strengthening his friendship with the rest of the family. Likewise, Su-a recognizes that the star tutor's handwriting was drawn from Hae-e's All Care workbook, and begins to question whether Sun-jae gave it to her.

Haeng-seon discovers Chi-yeol as her new landlord out of "pity," but Yeong-ju says the star tutor is "obviously" passionate about the side dish owner, but he's not willing himself to cross a line with a woman he believes to be married.

Hae-e becomes suspicious that Hye-yeon isn't using Sun-jae's workbook in class. That, and the side dish shop owner is disappointed her food is ruined by the pianist's egg tart gift.

Su-hui decides she'll call a detective agency to investigate Hae-e's private tutoring, and Haeng-seon chooses to rebuff the "chicken day" invitation when he leaves Nation's Best Banchan.

Chi-yeol decides to take a rain check after hearing Haeng-seon hurt herself while helping Hae-e over the phone. Despite his attempts, the star tutor claims to only visit the owner of Nation's Best Banchan.

Su-hui asks a court for a favor in the case involving the son of Woorim High's education director, and Yi-sang asks his friend to temporarily stick a pin in the 'chiyeolsucks' campaign against the star tutor, wanting to "lie low" until he finishes his business.

Yi-sang flees his apartment only to be chased down by a metal ball belonging to Hui-jae, who is dressed as Hui-sang. Outside, Seo-jin panics, wondering what her son is up to.

The Ending of Season 1 of Crash Course in Romance is Explained

Haeng-seon confronts the star tutor on why he's been so kind to Jae-woo and his family following chicken day. She doesn't believe there's a motive at all as the episode concludes with Su-hui caught the pair red-handed.

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