You Must See These 10 Films Like Limitless

You Must See These 10 Films Like Limitless ...

10 Must-See Films like Limitless

This 2011 film, starring Bradley Cooper and Anna Friel, was a high-concept sci-fi thriller directed by Neil Burger, following Eddie, a struggling out-of-luck writer who is introduced by a friend to a new miracle medicine NZT that opens his mind, giving him confidence, clarity, and almost superhuman abilities, which soon turns him into a target for powerful individuals who recognize his abilities and wish to exploit them for their own criminal gain.

The film has developed into a guilty pleasure and certainly has its fans, so here's our list of ten films you must see if you want to see them. Some you'll guess, others you'll not.

Limitless is a must-see film for ten filmmakers.

The story of Limitless is quite similar to the one from the previous film, except that there are three actors in this film, all of whom are pretty much having a gloomy time studying at college and battling various relationship issues. However, they learn their superhuman abilities after discovering a mysterious crystal-like object under the ground, and soon their lives spiral out of control.

Lucy is a thriller about a smuggled drug mule who is discovered when her mind is unlocked, allowing her to unlock abilities that make her a true warrior. If you loved Limitless, you will love this action-packed thrill ride.

Nick Gant is played by Chris Evans for the first big screen picture, directed by Paul McGuigan. They are all psychic and telekinetic superpowers, and are on a mission to find a girl in Hong Kong before she is picked up by the agency for their own use.

Jake Gyllenhaal is played by Duncan Jones, who has the ability to perceive and sense the last moments of a person just before their death. Jake is part of a secret military organization and finds himself involved in Sean Fentress's eight-minute journey to uncover what happened and why.

Evan Treborn, a time traveler, is able to alter past events for his friends and family, although of course, this will always result in bad situations. This popular film would be followed by two inferior sequels, but the first is a must-see for super-powered loners.

Donnie in the tangent universe is given superpowers to help prevent the end of the world. He can enact an axe into a bronze statue, set a house on fire without using a match, and of course, he can envision the future. This is all we have to ask for in the future.

Doug Carlin, played by Denzel Washington, is the focus of a sci-fi thriller from Tony Scott. The author's role is to investigate and prevent a murderous bomber.

This is a left field film that might deceive viewers, but it might also persuade someone to see it. Initially, the friends see the advantages of their situation, but things start to get ugly as the ambitions of the friends go out of hand, and disturbing images emerge.

Logan Marshall-Green plays mechanic Grey Trace, who is happily married to his wife Asha. Despite his reservations, he agrees to the surgical procedure, and the stage for Upgrade is set.

Frank is an insurance lawyer who wants to spend a great night with Jeff to commemorate his promotion. However, their night takes an unexpected turn when they attend a party, and Frank is given a hallucinogen that completely alters his perception of time and the world. He finds himself on a mission to discover a missing girl due to its themes and characters.

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