Netflix's Best Action Films in 2023

Netflix's Best Action Films in 2023 ...

Keep this page handy while we commemorate and list what we believe to be the best Netflix action movies in 2023.

Hot Fuzz was the first action movie to be released on Netflix in 2008, and Bright was released less than a decade later, as its first original entry to the genre. Choosing what to watch next can be confusing, to say the least.

Ready Steady Cut is a company whose goal is to make it simpler for you to choose which action-packed feature is worth streaming. For a more complete perspective, check out our Best Action Films on Netflix of All Time List. And as 2023 moves forward and Netflix continues to release new titles, we'll be keeping an eye on the most noteworthy ones, according to Rotten Tomatoes.

In 2023, Netflix will release the best and highest rated action films.

This Indian spy film had its release date pushed several times before it finally launched on Netflix in January. Despite it failing to impress critics, users loved the action-packed film, especially because it is loosely based on actual events.

Official Premise: Set in the 1970s, an undercover Indian spy undertakes a deadly task to uncover a hidden nuclear weapons program in Pakistan's capital.

Sidharth Malhotra, Rashmika Mandanna, and Parmeet Sethi make up the cast.

20.00% Rotten Tomatoes

7.8/10 from the IMDB.

JUNG_E is a South Korean dystopian action film set in a world where climate change has pushed humanity underground. The film features SciFi themes mixed with fast-paced action sequences, resulting in a thrilling journey for the duration of one hour and 38 minutes.

Official Premise: In the 22nd century, climate change has caused the planet to become uninhabitable, and humans remain trapped within a man-made shelter. A conflict takes place within the shelter. Jung Yi is the elite leader of the allied forces. She is the subject of a brain cloning experiment. The cloning experiment is a plausible strategy for winning the war.

Lee Dong-Hee, Lee Ga-Kyung, and Woo-Yeol Han are among the actors on the cast.

50.00% Rotten Tomatoes

IMDB Score: 5.4/10

And that's all there is to it. What's your favorite Netflix action film in 2023 so far? Let us know in the comments.

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