Review of Stromboli 2022's insightful story on womanhood

Review of Stromboli 2022's insightful story on womanhood ...

Stromboli (2022) is a Netflix film that does not have spoilers.

Stromboli is a lighthearted documentary on heartbreak and reinventing who you are. Sara returns to the very island that gave her her daughter here. She remembers all the good times she had, but she embraces this new chapter.

Sara learns from each of them and adapts to a new lifestyle. This program that she becomes a part of gives her new perspectives and essentially a fresh start.

Many people need to get out of their old self by starting fresh, escape, or try something new.

Review and plot summary of Stromboli

Stromboli is a story about a recently divorced lady who decided to take a 'From Fear to Love' retreat on the Italian volcanic island of Stromboli. She is then confronted with her unrepentant past. She tries to keep herself occupied while on this retreat, but her past comes back to haunt her.

Elise Schaap is a dynamic actress who must keep her emotions in check when she interacts with others on the island.

Even when she sees young girls on the island, she is reminded of her childhood as an adult and then her daughter. She no longer feels desirable, and men on the island treat her as she should be treated.

Is Stromboli a good option?

Stromboli is a nice film that shows Sara (Schaap) as she begins her new life on this island. It's a bit choppy, but it highlights how her mind is messed up.

Sara seems to be stuck on the island longer than she ever expected due to everyone and everything. She seems to be exhausted with everyone and everything. It's a fascinating journey to take with Sara because the audience gets to know her well as the film progresses, and tiny pieces of her past come through.

Sara makes some unique choices as she discovers a new side of herself following her divorce, and she's more of a free spirit than she used to be. There are many men on the island that she encounters as well that alter her perception of relationships and men in general.

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