The Michael Jackson's Stolen Hard Disk includes unreleased songs

The Michael Jackson's Stolen Hard Disk includes unreleased songs ...

Michael Jackson, known as the "King of Pop," was a pioneering musician who changed the game of music. His impact on the music industry is immense, having won numerous awards, broken records, and inspired generations of musicians.

Michael Jackson's death on June 25, 2009, shocked the world and sent fans into mourning. People across the world shared his sudden loss, including allegations of drug abuse and negligence, and numerous investigations.

Despite the controversies, Jackson's passing remains one of the century's greatest moments, and his music continues to live on as testament to his incredible talent and lasting impact.

The world continues to wonder what musical possibilities might have arisen if Michael Jackson had been alive. Fans were eager to discover any unheard songs that the "King of Pop" might have left behind, fueling speculation about what music he might have released in the present day.

The release of Michael Jackson's posthumous album "Xscape" in 2014 provided fans with a fresh selection of music from the late "King of Pop". The album's lead single, "Love Never Felt So Good", was a smash hit, reigniting the world's affection for Jackson's timeless music.

Brad Sundberg, a well-known collaborator of The "King of Pop," was scheduled to conduct a seminar in Brussels, Belgium, when he noticed that a hard disk and computer containing valuable Jackson information had vanished from his bag.

Just hours after its being stolen, some of Michael Jackson's missing items have begun to surface.

Fans of Michael Jackson's late "King of Pop" will be able to witness him instruct the youngster on how to yell from a distance while the child's father watches.

The latest sneak peek at exclusive Michael Jackson content has given fans an insight into the musician's most famous albums, "Dangerous." The video shows Jackson and his entourage discussing the album's track list, and gives fans a rare glimpse of the artist's playful side.

Jackson and his crew are seen placing different papers on the table while attempting to find the album's starting song. What makes this moment so special is how the group studies the song order in order to make the most emotional impact on the listener.

Michael records the song in front of the camera, which is the last interesting leak.

Michael Jackson's exclusive footage and behind-the-scenes information are unfortunate, but they are a boon for fans of the late "King of Pop." The rare footage and behind-the-scenes information reinforce his reputation as one of the greatest entertainers of all time.

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