Kanye West's $2.2 million Los Angeles home appears to be gone in recent pictures

Kanye West's $2.2 million Los Angeles home appears to be gone in recent pictures ...

The rapper's unfiltered remarks have always been a source of controversy and have made headlines recently. He tried to apologize in an interview with Piers Morgan, but he hasn't fully accepted responsibility for his actions.

Yeezy is back in the spotlight, this time it's all about real estate! Before Kim Kardashian's divorce, Kanye West purchased a house in Los Angeles. This crib was the HQ for Kanye's Sunday Service and the Donda Academy!

The house has been in jeopardy since their divorce in November. And now, recent images have surfaced on social media that show it in total disrepair.

The main gate and the guest house, once walled, have been left exposed. Recent photographs show a wire fence that surrounds the property and piles of garbage that litter the surroundings. It appears the structures were intentionally destroyed, leaving the property in a state of neglect.

A closer inspection of the property shows a 44 tank located near one of the openings, as well as a barbeque smoker. The remains of what was once the Donda Academy's former home have also been left to decay and fade with age.

Despite its original purpose of bringing West closer to his extended family, sources have suggested that his ex-wife Kim Kardashian would demolish the house for renovations. It remains to be seen what the outcome will be, but loyal followers and followers of the famous couple can keep an eye on Thirsty For News for further updates and developments.

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