After racial remarks surface, a FedEx driver apologizes on TikTok

After racial remarks surface, a FedEx driver apologizes on TikTok ...

After a FedEx driver was sacked from her job after making racist remarks towards a customer, TikTok was abuzz. A viral TikTok video demonstrated that a FedEx employee was fired from her job for making racist remarks.

Read on to learn more about a FedEx driver who was exposed for making racial remarks toward a customer.

On TikTok, users from all fields are included. On 31st January 2023, one saw and heard a FedEx driver lashing out at her customer. On TikTok, the FedEx driver is known as Annessa222.

Karladelatorre97 was filmed unloading a huge package for a customer in a viral video. However, when asked to help, the driver said, "Sit back, get your boxes, as you refuse to help."

Further, the FedEx driver lash out at the customer when the latter replied in Spanish, saying, "Go back to your country, I can't understand what you're saying."

A FedEx Ground spokesperson told Insider: "This behavior is unacceptable and contrary to service providers' dedication to safely and reliably delivering millions of packages every day."

While netizens criticized the FedEx driver's behavior, they continued to social media and respond to it. This resulted in an assault on the FedEx driver.

Everyone has been remarked on the same saying that the FedEx driver made racial remarks about the customer since the TikTok video of the FedEx driver became viral on TikTok. Many people have slammed the FedEx driver, yet she has come forward to apologize for her actions.

The FedEx driver apologized, saying that the lady in the viral video is she only. "So i asked for some help and everybody just looked at me." She added: "[Doing so], i fell with the dolly and package."

She said about the whole thing: "I know better, I'm sorry." Not to miss, the driver has been fired from her job.

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