Aaron Carter's supporters are outraged that he did not appear in the Grammy Awards 2023 Memoriam segment

Aaron Carter's supporters are outraged that he did not appear in the Grammy Awards 2023 Memoriam seg ...

In the 65th Grammy Awards Memoriam segment, Aaron Carter, who died on 5th November, was noticeably left off.

Here's all you need to know about the sport.

At the Grammys 2023, many artists including Sheryl Crowe, Bonnie Raitt, Quavo, and others paid a personal tribute.

The event is organized to remember the late artists who died last year in the music industry.

A number of pictures of famous people were shown across the screen, including Lisa Marie Presley, Stephen 'tWitch' Boss, and Oliva Newton-John.

Despite the absence of Aaron Carter, supporters criticized the Recording Academy for failing to pay tribute to him.

Nick Carter, Carter's brother and singer of Backstreet Boys, wrote in an email to the New York Post that the Grammys dismissal was "so disgraceful."

Carter was discovered dead in a bathtub at his California home last November, if you weren't aware. He was only 34 years old.

Carter's family reportedly believes Carter died of a heroin overdose. However, they are still waiting for a toxicology report that might confirm their suspicion.

Carter's body was discovered alongside numerous cans of compressed air and prescription medication bottles, although his cause of death is still unknown.

Carter had a history of addiction for the majority of his life after being exposed at the age of seven.

After seeing that Aaron Carter's legacy would not be honored at the 2023 Grammy Awards, fans were shocked.

Many followers took to Twitter to express their displeasure and rage at the thought of not including the late pop singer.

'I'll just post my own mini-tribute because it's so sad. Rest In Peace, Aaron Carter,' a fan wrote.

'Okay, but the #Grammys leaving #Aaroncarter out of the tribute has me pissed,' another fan said.

'Why the heck was Aaron carter not included in the Memoriam part of the #GRAMMYs,' said another person.

'They really snubbed Aaron Carter during the Grammy Awards death tributes,' a different user said.

'Hey #GRAMMYs, please include Aaron Carter in the memorium! That's f**king disrespectful,' another netizen said.

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