Beyonce's Grammys 2023 Lateness Has Caused a Hilarious Memefest Online

Beyonce's Grammys 2023 Lateness Has Caused a Hilarious Memefest Online ...

Beyonce was late to the Grammy Awards 2023. This has prompted many internet users to think the same with memes.

Beyonce's late attendance at the Grammys in 2023 has made internet babes laugh.

The Grammy Awards 2023 took place on the 5th of February 2023 at the Arena. Which was one of the most anticipated events of this year. Trevor Noah hosted the event, bringing all the music icons to life. Beyonce was one of the nominated singers at the event.

Beyonce received nine nominations for her song Cuff It. She also received a nomination for her album Renaissance. This year was her 32nd Grammy Award for her to participate.

All were waiting for the first week of February 2023 when they wanted to know who would win the Grammys this year. However, Beyonce was nominated for her song albums this time and was a surprise arrival.

Cuff It is a song from the 65th Annual Grammy Awards. However, the singer was unable to receive the awards due to her lateness. In fact, the host of Grammys 2023 had to explain to everyone why the singer was unable to receive the awards.

Beyonce couldn't be in time to receive her award at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards due to a lack of traffic in Los Angeles. Trevor Noah addressed the issue, causing netizens to even react the same way.

Netizens reacted on social media when they learned that Beyonce would not attend the Grammy Awards in 2023. As memes about Cuff It singer started doing rounds on the internet. One of the users on Twitter wrote: "Girl we have ALL given that excuse before."

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