Recap of Mayfair Witches Episode 5: Is Aunt Carlotta dead? Who Killed Her?

Recap of Mayfair Witches Episode 5: Is Aunt Carlotta dead? Who Killed Her? ...

The fifth episode of AMC's The Mayfair Witches, titled "The Thrall," aired on Sunday, February 5th. Rowan (Alexandra Daddario) and Ciprien (Tongayi Chirisa) are urgently attempting to flee a hallucinatory trap within the First Street House in the latest episode of the supernatural thriller, which is delivering its most bizarre episode to date. Continue reading at for an in-depth analysis of

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Recap of Mayfair Witches Episode 5

At the beginning of the Mayfair Witches episode, Ciprien offers to prepare Rowan's breakfast. When Ciprien and Rowan finally get out of bed, Ciprien offers to prepare him breakfast. Although he has lost his mother, Aunt Carlotta Mayfair (Beth Grant) continues to make him suffer.

Rowan is rushing to get Rowan and Ciprien ready to go to the hospital. After discovering a bloody dagger in the restroom, he starts to wonder if she herself may have stabbed him. They then realize how long they have been trapped and decide to try to leave. The entrance to the basement is locked, so she climbs to the top of the house to request help.

Rowan is reeling from an unexpected encounter with Ciprien, who claims she had a head injury and that she has been dizzy ever since. She notices his hands and realizes that the person in front of her isn't Ciprien. Stuart Townsend is a Talamasca, and he has been tasked with ensuring the safety of Antha, Rowan's grandmother. He must have felt the same way about her as Ciprien did for Rowan.

When she goes downstairs to check on Ciprien's wound, Rowan discovers Carlotta's sister Millie Mayfair's ghost. She claims she can't continue living without Carlotta, implying that she can't continue living without her. In response, she yells for Lasher (Jack Huston) and promises to follow his orders until Ciprien is allowed to leave the building uninjured.

Rowan discovers Aunt Carlotta hanging helplessly in the air while she is unaware. Lasher promises to open the cellar door, preventing Rowan from leaving the house. Carlotta usually offers an alternative when Carlotta falls and Lasher disappears.

Ciprien's request to have Ciprien returned to his residence by being transported there has been fulfilled by members of his organization. A lady performs a ceremony in order to combat the deadly force of Lasher, which is close to killing Ciprien. However, Ciprien's sister is aware that Rowan is already in love with her, yet he is already protecting him.

Recap of Mayfair Witches Episode 5: Is Aunt Carlotta dead?Who killed her?

Rowan is aware that she cannot do anything about her great-aunt Carlotta, because she believes she will never be able to shake the influence of Lasher. She is informed that death is preferable to life from this point forward, and that this is the only way to end the spread of evil in the world.

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